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2019 NHRC Presentations

Marion Maar

First Nations culture & community as foundation​ The Naandwe Miikaan approach to opioid disorder treatment

Sherry Mongeau

Mining, Injuries and the Compensation Claim Process: ​An Injured Worker’s Perception​

Ghislaine Goudreau

Evaluation to Action Integrating the Voices of Aboriginal Children

Kara-Anne Green-Ward

Is the collaborative care provided by the North Bay – North East Joint Assessment Centre (NEJAC) shoulder program effective?

Marnie Anderson

Self-reported health outcomes in clinical practice; an example using the ACHWM

Ribal Kattini

Prevalence and outcome of diabetes in pregnancy in North-West Ontario

Konnor Kennedy

Investigating the synergistic relationship between aluminum and ionizing radiation in two cell lines

Robert Ohle

Can clinical examination alone rule out a central cause for dizziness?

Darrel Manitowabi

“There’s Nothing Traditional About Government”: The Emergence of Two-Tiered Traditional Healing in Addiction Treatment

Mike Bedard

CLEAN Meds trial:Effects of free essential medicine distribution

Diana Urajnik

Communicator, Collaborator and Professional Skill Level of Physicians in Northern Ontario:Physician Self-Assessment & Patient Perspectives

Kristen Cool

Enhancing Identification and Referral to Treatment for First Nations Children and Youth Experiencing Depression

Nancy Lightfoot

Mino-nokiiwin: Indigenous Occupational, Health, Safety, & Compensation Experience in Some Northeastern Ontario Communities

Robert Sanderson

Health Professionals & Climate Change

David Savage

Assessing the long-term emergency physician resource planning for Nova Scotia, Canada