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Media Releases

NOSM Holds First Faculty Affairs Retreat in Thunder Bay

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) held its first Faculty Affairs Retreat in Thunder Bay on January 16 - 17, 2009. NOSM has over 800 faculty members across Northern Ontario, and many of them gathered in Thunder Bay to bring NOSM’s three faculty divisions (Medical Sciences, Human Sciences and Clinical Sciences) together in one place to facilitate a free-flow of ideas and information about current and potential future collaborative research and scholarly activities. The retreat featured an open forum, where Medical Sciences and Human Sciences faculty members gave brief presentations on current research projects. This wa...

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NOSM Holds Second Annual Comprehensive Community Clerkship Retreat in Kenora

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) held its second, highly successful annual Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) Retreat, entitled “Celebration and Collaboration within a Community of Learners,” in Kenora on January 9 – 11, 2009. The 2008-2009 academic year marks the second year that NOSM medical students are completing clerkships in medium-sized communities throughout the North as part of their third-year studies. Over 130 participants, including NOSM staff, Site Administrative Coordinators, Site Liaison Clinicians, Local NOSM Group (LNG) members, and medical students from clerkship communities across Northern O...

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NOSM Board Holds Face-to-Face Meeting in Sudbury

Exemplary Staff, Faculty, Preceptors and Learners Recognized at Board Dinner The Board of Directors of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) held a face-to-face meeting in Sudbury on December 4 and 5, 2008. On the first day of the two-day meeting, Board members participated in sessions which provided a review of NOSM’s organizational structure, administration, and governance.  Following these sessions, the Board received a presentation by Ian M. Fraser of The Fundraising Network, and participated in discussions regarding Advancement at NOSM. Later that evening at the Board dinner, Awards of Excellence were presented...

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