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The Slaight Family Foundation donates $1 million to NOSM to support BIPOC women in medicine

Posted on February 8, 2022

The Slaight Family Foundation is donating $1 million to support 40 Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) women medical students attending the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and who live in Northern Ontario. The donation will establish a first-of-its-kind entrance scholarship to both increase the number of BIPOC women physicians—including transgender and non-binary people—in Northern Ontario and contribute to the overall number of doctors in the region.

“I am deeply grateful to The Slaight Family Foundation for this gift to NOSM,” says Dr. Sarita Verma, Dean, President and CEO of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and the School’s first female BIPOC dean. “This donation is groundbreaking. Every marginalized woman in Northern Ontario who dreams of becoming a doctor should feel inspired to apply to NOSM knowing there is financial support available.”

These newly created entrance scholarships will provide $25,000 each to 10 women entering NOSM’s MD program each year, over the period of four years. NOSM was the first medical school in Canada developed with an explicit social accountability mandate. By removing the systemic barriers and providing financial support, more BIPOC women will take their vital place in medicine. With 40 new BIPOC women physicians educated at NOSM, the number of self-identified BIPOC alumnae will double.

“This $1 million donation will have an immediate impact on future doctors in Northern Ontario,” says Dr. Verma. “It comes at a critical time—currently there is a shortage of over 300 doctors in Northern Ontario, as well as impending retirements, increasingly complex patients and entire communities without access to a family doctor.”

This, one of a total of $15 million worth of donations by The Slaight Family Foundation announced this year, is earmarked specifically for 12 organizations who support women and girls. The #SlaightInitiative is increasing opportunities for education and jobs, with a special focus on Indigenous, Black, racialized women and girls.

“The pandemic has added to the many challenges faced by women and girls across Canada. This initiative is about helping women overcome barriers and gain more equitable access to higher education and opportunities,” said Gary Slaight, President and CEO of The Slaight Family Foundation.

Dr. Verma says the donation will also foster a new culture of mentorship, encouragement and equity in Northern Ontario. “None of us can change the systemic barriers faced by BIPOC girls and women alone. This gift demonstrates the desire of the Slaight Family Foundation to be a part of NOSM’s mission—an equitable path to a brighter future for BIPOC girls and women.”

“It is an honour to announce this gift during Black History Month. We recognize the inequalities of getting into medical school and this donation aligns with the NOSM’s equity and anti-racism strategies to actively support change,” says Dr. Verma.

Every gift to NOSM makes a positive impact on our students, faculty, and researchers. Please consider making a gift.


About the Northern Ontario School of Medicine
The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) is an award-winning socially accountable medical school renowned for its innovative model of distributed, community-engaged education and research. With a focus on diversity, inclusion, and advocacy for health equity, NOSM relies on the commitment and expertise of the peoples and communities of Northern Ontario to educate health-care professionals to practise in Indigenous, Francophone, rural, remote and underserved communities. NOSM’s graduates, faculty, learners and staff are changemakers who lead health-system transformation in Northern Ontario. The School is a recipient of the Charles Boelen International Social Accountability Award from the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and the prestigious ASPIRE award, which recognize international excellence in social accountability and medical education.

About The Slaight Family Foundation

Since 2013, The Slaight Family Foundation has funded several strategic initiatives to multiple organizations. These initiatives started with gifts to five Toronto hospitals to support priority healthcare issues, followed by programs to address global humanitarianism, the healthy development of children and youth across Canada, support for Indigenous issues and a seniors’ initiative to help keep seniors in their homes and communities. Most recently, last year’s initiative prioritized supporting mental health due to challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Slaight Family Foundation was established in 2008 by John Allan Slaight. Allan Slaight is known as Canada’s broadcast pioneer, a leader in the music industry and a prominent Canadian philanthropist. Through his generosity, the Foundation proactively supports charitable initiatives in the areas of healthcare, at-risk youth international development, social services and culture.

Funds will also support:

  • Scholarships for BIPOC women in medicine
  • Grants for programs working to end gender-based violence, including for Indigenous women
  • Helping women facing homelessness and other socio-economic barriers to success
  • Career mentorship and leadership skills development
  • Health programs tailored specifically to racialized women, new immigrants and refugees
  • The expansion of the national eating disorder emergency chat line

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