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NOSM is known for educating physicians and health-care professionals to work in underserved communities; cultivating interdisciplinary research and learning; assembling an unprecedented network of cohesive academic and clinical sites in more than 90 communities and across 800,000 km²; and, for its social accountability mandate to address the priority health concerns of the peoples and communities of Northern Ontario.

A key element of The NOSM Challenge 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is renewing our commitment to the School’s social accountability mandate and its relevance to NOSM’s partnerships with community. We explicitly recognize that NOSM is accountable to the peoples of Northern Ontario. Geography, culture and socioeconomic realities create a complex tapestry of health service inequities in Northern Ontario. NOSM commits to working with our partners to influence practices and advocate for equity, access and understanding at the interface of research, education and care.

You can help advance the NOSM Challenge by supporting one of the four Strategic Directions below.

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Transform Health Human Resource Planning

NOSM will link Health Human Resources (HHR) to Northern Ontario’s needs (Francophone, Indigenous, rural, and urban) with a focus on specialist and subspecialist physician training. Our transformative approach to the planning and delivery of workforce supply eliminates the gaps in Northern Ontario health human resources.

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Advance Social Accountability

Social accountability is embedded throughout NOSM with a focus on measurable, transformative, and sustainable change in health-care systems for Northern Ontario.  Social accountability defines NOSM. Through the value of social accountability, NOSM graduates, faculty, learners and staff lead health-system transformation in Northern Ontario.

The Centre for Social Accountability

The Centre functions as a multidisciplinary arm of NOSM dedicated to the improvement of health and wellness in Northern Ontario. Through policy leadership and advocacy, research and innovation, and education that better align medical training with community needs, it will be the frontrunner to improving equity, access, and population health outcomes that are sustainable.

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Innovate Health Professions Education

NOSM continues to be internationally recognized for developing innovative models of education in Northern, Indigenous, Francophone, rural and remote medicine that lead to well-trained health-care practitioners who stay in the communities of the North. Innovation drives the education of NOSM’s next generation of physicians, registered dietitians, physician assistants, medical physicists, other health professionals and scientists.

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Strengthen Research Capacity in Northern Ontario

NOSM will strengthen research capacity in Northern Ontario by aligning with health-research partners to improve performance and measurable outcomes in health services, quality health care, health and biomedical research and knowledge translation. NOSM is the connective tissue between research entities, Northern Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), research institutes and hospitals.

When you support research at NOSM, you make remarkable health discoveries possible and help our researchers solve today’s most crucial health challenges in Northern Ontario.

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