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NOSM Board Holds Face-to-Face Meeting in Sudbury

Posted on December 4, 2012

Exemplary Learners, Faculty and Preceptors Recognized by NOSM Board 

The Board of Directors of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) held a face-to-face meeting in Sudbury on November 29 and 30, 2012.

On the first day of the two-day meeting, Board members were provided a tour of the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre led by the Centre’s Executive Director and past NOSM Board member, Ms. Angela Recollet and Centre staff members. Board members were treated to a delicious traditional lunch, and heard inspirational stories from health professionals working at the Centre. The visit concluded with a presentation of a Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre healing blanket to NOSM.

In the afternoon, several of NOSM’s senior leaders led interactive sessions with the Board about the School’s Advancement objectives, how the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funds NOSM, and the challenges of Postgraduate Medical Education in Northern Ontario.

Later that evening at the Board dinner, Awards of Excellence were presented to learners, faculty and preceptors by Dr. Laura Piccinin, Assistant Dean of Learner Affairs and Dr. David Marsh, Associate Dean of Community Engagement. Learners receiving awards included Ms. Kendra Komsa and Mr. Kyle Lee (MD students), and Ms. Danielle Brubacher and Ms. Kaitlin Cobean (Dietetic Interns). Drs. Jean Anawati and David Clarke were the recipients of faculty and preceptor awards. Ms. Gayle Adams-Carpino, Interprofessional Education Program Lead and faculty member, received the newly created NICHE (Northern Interprofessional Collaborative for Health Education) Award of Excellence in Innovation and Leadership in Interprofessional Health Education.

On the second day of the meeting, the Board participated in discussions about stakeholder consultation and governance policies, and received a summary of this year’s most exciting international conference for health professional education, Rendez-Vous 2012. More than 850 delegates from nearly fifty countries and six continents-including 486 delegates from North America, 124 delegates from Africa, 100 delegates from Australia, 80 delegates from Asia, 51 delegates from Europe, and 37 delegates from South America-came to this stimulating conference, hosted by NOSM in October, to share experiences, consider new ideas, and learn from each other. (More information about Rendez-Vous 2012 can be found at

At an impressive keynote address given over lunch, Board members heard from Dr. Terrance Galvin, the Founding Director of Laurentian Architecture Laurentienne (LAL). Dr. Galvin spoke about the consultative processes and cultural and architectural inspirations that have informed the planning of the first new school of architecture in Canada to be launched in over 40 years. LAL, located in the heart of Sudbury’s downtown, will welcome its first students in September 2013.

At the formal Board meeting, members received reports from the Finance and Audit, Quality Monitoring, Executive, Governance, and Advancement committees. The Board also received reports from the School’s Francophone and Aboriginal Reference Groups.

The Board of Directors approved a Financial Report from the Finance and Audit Committee for the six-month period ending October 31, 2012.

Mr. Dominic Giroux, Chair of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s Board of Directors and President of Laurentian University, noted that the two-day meeting accomplished several important objectives. “Group cohesion and opportunities for interactive sessions and discussions are enhanced when Board members are able to meet in person. This two-day meeting, which included thought-provoking presentations, and celebrated the outstanding contribution of NOSM’s learners, faculty and preceptors, was a great success,” he said.

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine’s next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled to occur on March 20, 2013.

For a complete list of Board members, please visit our website at .