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Sioux Lookout Welcomes Four NOSM Medical Students

Posted on September 5, 2007

This week, four third-year medical students of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) are beginning their Comprehensive Community Clerkships (CCC) in the community of Sioux Lookout.

Jessica Moretti, Lise Mozzon, Elaine St. John, and Tracy Michano-Stewart will be learning in the community’s principal health-care facility, the Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre.

An affiliation agreement between NOSM and Meno-Ya-Win has been signed, solidifying a partnership between the two institutions and allowing NOSM medical students to gain valuable hands-on practical experience in the community.

To welcome the four medical students, the Local NOSM Group (LNG) has organized an informal breakfast at Knobby’s, a local hotspot and well-known landmark located on Pelican Lake. The students will also join members of Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce on a ‘meet and greet’ houseboat cruise. The local physicians and other community members who make up Sioux Lookout’s LNG are an important link between the community and the medical students, providing a smooth integration into Sioux Lookout through orientation, relevant information and introductions to other community members.

Roger Walker, CEO of the Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre, is proud to be a part of a true community-based medical school. “Welcoming NOSM medical students into our community is an important part of our commitment to developing physicians who understand and appreciate the unique features and benefits of practicing medicine in Northern communities,” he said. “As a Comprehensive Community Clerkship site for medical students, our professional staff is given the opportunity to instruct students in a unique medical environment where students are able to observe, learn and participate in the care of patients.” During their eight months in Sioux Lookout, students will be taught by local physicians and other healthcare providers who are NOSM faculty members.

Dr. Roger Strasser, NOSM Founding Dean, says the people and communities of the North are integral to the success of the Comprehensive Community Clerkships. “The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is committed to building long term partnerships with communities and health organizations across Northern Ontario. Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre, local physicians, healthcare providers and other community members are welcomed partners,” he said.

Ten communities throughout Northern Ontario are hosting NOSM third-year medical students for the first time this September 2007. All 56 students of the School’s Charter Class are participating in the Comprehensive Community Clerkships.