About NOSM Education Research Communities

MyNOSM Sections


Area for internal communication information and collaboration sites for staff, faculty, partners and learners. You'll need to use the format nosm\username and password to log in only if you are using Internet Explorer. All other browsers don't need nosm\ in front. 

WebAdvisor  Access to Pay Advices, Time Online, Leave Online, Budgeting, and Purchasing. Register for Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) events.    

Colleague Web UI  Access to Colleague Web Application.  

Access to myEvents. Book rooms, events, video conferences and all related services here.


Access to Core.   

MyCurriculum  Access to MyCurriculum. All new academic curriculum and discussions for undergraduate medical education will be posted here. 

one45  one45 is an online system used to manage the delivery, collection, analysis, and tracking of NOSM’s evaluation and assessment forms.  

PaNDa  Access to PaNDa.  

ExamSoft Portal
Online Assessment portal for NOSM Faculty, Students, and Administrators.



If you need further assistance, contact helpdesk@nosm.ca