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Northeast Oncology Conference 2019

Holiday Inn
1696 Regent Street, Sudbury, ON

The conference brings together clinicians, researchers, and leaders to highlight current developments in diagnostic, therapeutic and holistic care trends. We will use this conference as a platform to strengthen connections to improve patient outcomes in Northeastern Ontario.

2019 Northeast Oncology Conference Program


This conference aims to:
1. Navigate health systems and access resources to improve patient experience and outcomes.
2. Collaborate within an interprofessional team of care providers to provide care to patients and support to one another.
3. Discuss diagnostic, therapeutic, and holistic care trends.


Homeopathy, Marijuana and Coffee Enemas… How to Counsel Patients with Safety in Mind

Dr. Lacey Pitre

Ontario’s Lung Cancer Screening Pilot for People at High Risk

Dr. Gail Darling


Pairing Immunotherapy with Other Treatments: What Works and Doesn’t Work?

Dr. Lacey Pitre 

Advanced Care Planning

Michael Roach, Renee Mallet, Dr. Christine Pun, Traci Franklin 

Yoga Interactive Session

Katie Morin

Targeted and Immunotherapy in Hematological Malignancies: The Next Frontier Part 2

Dr. Prashant Jani

External Beam Radiation for Liver Tumors Part 1

Dr. David Want 

External Beam Radiation for Liver Tumors Part 2

Dr. Stacey Davidson

External Beam Radiation for Liver Tumors Part 3

Dr. Mike Oliver

Cancer and Mino Bimaadiziwin

Dr. Cindy Peltier

MAiD: The Current State

Mary Huska