Remote Work

Jane M. Lawrence-Dewar, PH.D.

profile image placeholder, grey silhouette of a person Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, ON Canada P7B5E1
Scientist, Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute
Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Medical Sciences Division
Adjunct Professor, Lakehead University, School of Kinesiology
Adjunct Professor, Lakehead University, Department of Health Sciences
Adjunct Professor, University of Manitoba, Department of Psychology



Post-Doctoral Research Associate; Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts
University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB)


Post-Doctoral Fellowship; Department of Anesthesia
School of Medicine, Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)


Ph.D.; Molecular Immunology, Virology & Inflammation Program, Department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB)


B.Sc.; Biology, Minor in Chemistry
University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg, MB)

Research Investigations

My research relates to the integration of sensory and motor information during the acquisition of a motor skill. My primary interest in this area is to gain a further understanding of the recovery of hand function following neural injury such as following a stroke. More specifically, projects include:

  • Influences on visuomotor adaptation
  • The neural correlates of observational learning

Dr. Lawrence-Dewar may have positions available for undergraduate or graduate students, depending on funding.

Selected Publications

Meek BP, Locheed K, Lawrence-Dewar JM, Shelton P, Marotta JJ. Posterior Cortical atrophy: The role of simultanagnosia in deficits of face perception. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7 (309) doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2013.00309.

Lawrence-Dewar JM, Baugh LA, Marotta JJ.  Behavioural distinction between strategic control and spatial realignment during visuomotor adaptation in a Viewing Window task. PLoS ONE, 2012, 7(11): e48759.

Stroman PW, Bosma RL, Kornelsen J, Lawrence-Dewar J, Wheeler-Kingshott C, Cadotte D, Fehlings MG. Advanced MR imaging techniques and characterization of residual anatomy.  Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery for the International Society for Restorative Neurology, 2012, 114(5): 460-70.

Lawrence JM, Hoeft F, Sheau K, Mackey SC.  Strategy-dependent dissociation of the neural correlates involved in pain modulation. Anesthesiology, 2011, 115(4); 844-51.

Baugh, LA, Lawrence, JM, Marotta, JJ.  Novel insular cortex and claustrum activation observed during a visuomotor adaptation task using a viewing window paradigm. Behavioral Brain Research, 2011, 223(2):395-402.

Lawrence JM, Kornelsen J, Stroman PW.  Non-invasive observation of cervical spinal cord activity in children by functional MRI during cold thermal stimulation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2011, 29(6):813-8.

Lawrence JM, Abhari K, Meek PM, Desanghere L, Baugh LA, Prime SL, Marotta JJ.  A novel integrative method for analyzing eye and hand behaviour during reaching and grasping in an MRI environment.  Behavior Research Methods, 2011, 43(2):399-408.

Onu M, Gervai P, Cohen-Adad J, Lawrence J, Kornelsen J, Tomanek B, Sboto-Frankenstein, U.  Human Cervical Spinal Cord Funiculi: Investigation with Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Imaging.  Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2010, 31(4): 829-837

Lawrence J, Mackey SC. The Role of Neuroimaging in Analgesic Drug Development.  Drugs in Research and Development, 2008, 9(5): 323-334.

Lawrence JM, Stroman PW, Kollias SS. Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human spinal cord with vibration stimulation of different dermatomes. Neuroradiology, 2008,50(3):273-80.

Lawrence J, Stroman PW, Malisza KL. Functional MRI of the cervical spinal cord during noxious and innocuous thermal stimulation in the alpha-chloralose and halothane anesthetized rat. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2008, 26(1):1-10.

 A full list of publications can be found at Dr. Lawrence-Dewar’s Laboratory Website.