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E-Resources Terms of Use

Authorized Users Summary

The licence agreements governing the electronic resources clearly state who may, or may not, access these resources off campus. Below is a summary of the permitted user groups:


NOSM University undergraduate, postgraduate, and dietetic interns are entitled to off-campus access to the electronic resources. In addition, Lakehead and Laurentian undergraduate and postgraduate students are also permitted to access the electronic resources via their respective institutions.

Faculty (Full-time or Part-time)

Current faculty of NOSM University, Lakehead University, or Laurentian University are entitled to off-campus access to the electronic resources via their respective institutions.

Visiting Faculty

Faculty visiting NOSM University for a period of time may be granted off-campus access to the electronic resources for the duration of their stay.

Walk-in Visitors

Visitors to NOSM University are permitted to access the electronic resources on site via one of the library’s public computers.

Terms of Use

The Health Sciences Library negotiates, on behalf of NOSM University, many licence agreements for electronic resources. Although these resources are licensed for the use of NOSM University faculty, staff, and learners, the agreements are also legal contracts that govern appropriate use.

Actual terms and conditions vary with each agreement, but it is the responsibility of each member of the NOSM University community to be aware of, and abide by, the following conditions when using the electronic resources made available by the library:

  • Authorized users may view, download, copy, print, save, and store, for editing or temporary storage only, SINGLE COPIES of individual search results or SINGLE COPIES of individual articles [i.e. not entire issues of journals] for personal use, scholarly, educational, or scientific research or study, in accordance with Canadian copyright law.
  • Authorized users may NOT share their right to access the resources with other persons or organizations (sharing username/password is prohibited).
  • Off-campus (remote) access is restricted to NOSM University’s current faculty, staff, and learners.
  • It is not permitted to use robots or intelligent agents to systematically download or reassemble any portion of the licensed products.
  • Authorized users must not transmit, disseminate, or otherwise make the licensed resources available to unauthorized persons or organizations, by any means.
  • Where it is required by the vendor, users must read and agree to the terms of a resource’s licence prior to using.
  • Commercial use is not permitted.

Consequences of Unauthorized Use

Publishers monitor usage and the violation of a licence agreement, by anyone in the user community, can result in the cancellation of the agreement and/or the suspension of access for the entire institution.

As such, violation of the above conditions, by any authorized user, may result in the termination of their access.

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