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Library Registration & Borrowing

Library Registration

NOSM learners, staff, and faculty must register with the Health Sciences Library prior to borrowing materials, including equipment. To borrow materials you are required to provide photo ID. This ID should be that provided by your institution (ex. NOSM, Lakehead or Laurentian ID) or government issued with your address. Library staff will verify NOSM affiliation. The library does not provide library cards, instead please bring your photo ID to borrow items.

There are several ways to register:

1) In person—visit the library on your campus to register. Library staff will verify your NOSM status at the time of registration.

2) Online—submit the online registration form and Library staff will complete your registration. Library staff will verify your NOSM status at the time of registration.

Changes to contact information

Please alert the library to any changes to names or mailing addresses as soon as possible.


The Health Sciences Library is open to the general public and everyone may use most of the materials housed in the libraries or consult with library staff for assistance in accessing the collections and services. The library is funded primarily to meet the research and curricular needs of the members of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) and the academic community, who are given priority access to library services and collections.

Primary and Secondary Users

Library patrons may fall under one of two user categories: Primary or Secondary. These user categories determine the level of access patrons have to our services and resources.

Primary Users

Primary users are permitted to borrow any materials that circulate, recall eligible materials on loan, and use Interlibrary Loan and photocopy services. Primary users are also permitted extended loan privileges, and access to a wide variety of electronic resources and databases, on and off campus.

Primary Users include:

  • Faculty, staff, and learners of NOSM, Laurentian University, Lakehead University, and its affiliated institutions;
  • Professors Emeriti or Honorarius;
  • Individuals who are on campus for periods of limited duration and who are engaged in activities supported by NOSM, Laurentian University, Lakehead University or its affiliated institutions;
  • Individuals who enjoy an ongoing affiliation with NOSM through research, instructional, professional, or administrative activities.

Secondary Users

Secondary Users are permitted to borrow any materials that circulate, with the exception of a small number of items that are reserved specifically to support teaching or research at NOSM. Secondary Users are not permitted to recall items on loan, extended loans privileges or use of the Interlibrary Loan service. Off-campus access to electronic resources may be prohibited due to licensing agreements.

Secondary Users include:

  • Alumni of NOSM, Laurentian University, and Lakehead University;
  • Retired faculty, not designated Professor Emeritus or Honorarius, and retired staff of NOSM, Laurentian University, Lakehead University, and its affiliated institutions;
  • Students and faculty of other universities that have reciprocal or consortia arrangements with NOSM;
  • Individuals who are engaged in legitimate research, instructional, professional, or administrative activities. To qualify, individuals must complete a Health Sciences Library User Registration Form, and, if approved, a Health Science Library ID Card will be issued.

Loan Periods and Privileges

There is a 15 item limit for all user groups.

User Group Regular Loan Period Recall and Renew Interlibrary Loan
NOSM Learners/Faculty/Staff 6 weeks Yes Yes
Lakehead/Laurentian (Affiliated Institutions) Students/Faculty/Staff 6 weeks Yes No
Secondary Users 6 weeks No No *Alumni have ILL privileges for a small fee

Fines for Overdue Material

The Health Sciences Library does not charge daily fines on overdue items. However, it is recommended that you renew your books to avoid lost item fines. Any item overdue more than 30 days is considered lost. Library staff will contact patrons in such instances with the lost item fines.

Renewing Items

To renew items contact the library at or any of our other service points here.

Patrons can renew their materials online through the catalogue using their Patron ID (NOSM username) and their Password (issued by the Library). If you do not know your Patron ID or Password, please contact any library staff member at

Library registration and borrowing policies can be found in our Collection & Borrowing Policy