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Centre for Social Accountability

The Centre functions as a multidisciplinary centre of NOSM dedicated to the improvement of health and wellness in Northern Ontario. Through policy leadership and advocacy, research and innovation, and education that better align medical training with community needs, it will be the frontrunner to improving equity, access, and population health outcomes that are sustainable.

Situated on the Anishinabek Nation, specifically Atikameksheng and Wahnapitae First Nations, and operating under NOSM’s governance and administration, the Centre’s impact derives from its regional focus, yet is unbounded in its scope. The national and international relevance of the Centre’s work will become recognized as its results are dispersed among practitioners, policy makers, and advocates in similarly challenged jurisdictions.

The establishment of the Centre for Social Accountability will result in improved health of Northern Ontarians while extending beyond NOSM’s commitment to being socially accountable in our education and research programs and advocating for health equity. The Centre’s integrated approach in the areas of policy leadership and advocacy; research and innovation; education; and community impact will produce a deeper and broader understanding on a range of issues affecting population health outcomes inside and outside the medical system. In this way the Centre’s social accountability research defines and strengthens the School, making NOSM and its partners more effective in the achievement of this critical mission.


Community Impact

  • Track the intake and output of NOSM graduates in all programs (UME, PGME, HSP, CEPD, etc.) and their impact through performance in the programs, location and type of practice and impact on population health.
  • Identify and advocate for specific interventions in local and regional health care delivery that will have positive impacts in the future.
  • Be more responsive to the resource needs of communities through improved health workforce planning.

Policy Leadership and Advocacy

  • Establish Canadian and international standards for the assessment of social accountability in health education, health research, and health service.
  • Collect and disseminate evidence of the impact of Canadian medical schools and academic health science networks in being socially accountable.
  • Enable continuous improvement by applying this knowledge in a systematic way and leading transformative change in social accountability in health.
  • Provide leadership at national and international conferences and meetings on social accountability.
  • Become recognized and consulted as the most credible voice in planning and policymaking for health and wellness across Northern Ontario

Research and Innovation

  • Create capacity for substantive research into social determinants of health affecting community health and wellness, with a focus on prevention as well as cure.
  • Become recognized as the primary aggregator and disseminator of data and documents for other researchers in the field through the design, source funding, and execution of relevant and impactful research projects.
  • Disseminate research results and advocacy positions through publication, presentation, and participation in pertinent consultations with communities, institutions and public agencies.
  • Share methods, expertise, and other resources with those who are teaching or studying in social accountability or rural and northern medicine.
  • Leverage data collection and research relationships to build relevance of accumulated Centre work in jurisdictions with similar challenges.


  • Demonstrate the measurable impact of NOSM’s social accountability through its curriculum and the alignment of NOSM’s curriculum and training programs with the needs and priorities of the communities it serves.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the values and intentions of social accountability in the internal policies and practices of the Centre (and NOSM).

Download a Centre for Social Accountability brochure.