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Scope can be defined as: the range of one’s perceptions, thoughts, or actions; the geographical or perceived area covered by a given activity; or, a viewing instrument such as a microscope or telescope. In most modern usages of the word scope, there is a unifying theme of examination or investigation.

In this case, Scope includes all of these ideas. Research at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) is reflective of the School’s mandate to be socially accountable to the diversity of Northern Ontario. As such, studies are being undertaken in a range of subjects including culturally appropriate care for Indigenous peoples, new drug technologies, cancer screening methods, patient rehabilitation, lake water quality, and so much more. Subjects being studied are as varied as the geographic area of NOSM’s wider campus of Northern Ontario and as diverse as the researchers themselves: faculty members in the School’s Human, Medical, and Clinical Sciences Divisions, residents, medical students, a broad range of health-professional learners, and collaborators.

Although this publication cannot provide the full scope of exciting research happening across Northern Ontario, we hope it provides a glimpse into some of the work being done with a view of improving the health of Northern Ontarians and beyond.