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Previous Summer Medical Student Awards Recipients


The 2021 recipients of the NOSM Summer Medical Student Research Awards are

Beaudry, Brianna – An analysis of patient admissions from the ED at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
(Supervisor: Bradley Jacobson)

Belanger, Rachel – The Good Student or the Good Patient: The Barriers and Supports Encountered by Undergraduate Medical Students with Disabilities at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine
(Supervisor: Elizabeth Levin)

Booth, Emily – Developing Community Academic Rural Education (CARE) Pathways in Northern Ontario
(Supervisor: Erin Cameron)

Burella, Madison – The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the rate and severity of bacteremias presenting to the Emergency Department: a mixed prospective and retrospective cohort study
(Supervisor: Lucas Castellani)

Goertzen, Aidan – Post-Partum Care for Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Remote Communities
(Supervisor: Ruben Hummelen)

Hunt, Sarah – Mindfulness Self-Compassion for Medical Learners and Residents at NOSM: A Wellness and Resilience Initiative
(Supervisor: Bryan MacLeod)

Lamoureux, Daniel – Radiological Findings in Patients with Ocular Motility Disorders Referred for Neuroimaging
(Supervisor: Vishaal Bhambhwani)

MacDonald, Anastasia – Lower limb preservation in Northwestern Ontario: the role of angioplasty in treatment of critical limb-threatening ischemia with tissue loss
(Supervisor: Mary MacDonald)

Mazal, Zvia – Safe Supply Research: Using Digital Stories to Explore to Patient Experiences
(Supervisor: Erin Cameron)

Menard, Lucie – Immediate Postpartum Insertion of Intra-uterine Device (IUD)
(Supervisor: Karen Splinter)

Perreault, Ashley – Barriers to Treatment: Access to Fertility Services in Northern Ontario
(Supervisor: Karen Splinter)

Prescott, Hallie – Investigating Dose Rate Effects in Lens Epithelial Cells to Understand the Risk of Radiation-Induced Cataracts
(Supervisor: Christopher Thome)

Ramsoondar, Nusha – Social Accountability as the Framework for Engagement for Health Institutions (SAFE for HI)
(Supervisor: Alex Anawati

Randle, Tyler – Using ICES data to assess family physician practice in rural emergency departments
(Supervisor: David Savage)

Zablotny, Scott – Uro-Telemedicine in Rural Northern Ontario
(Supervisor: Emmanuel Abara)


The 2020 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are

Arthurs, Adam – Systematic review of global disparities in the annual incidence of paediatric spinal cord injury by age, sex, season and activity
(Supervisor: James Crispo)

Burella, Madison – Quality Improvement study for Bacteremia Management
(Supervisor: Lucas Castellani)

Elder, Emily – Case study investigating higher than anticipated early loosening rates of a specific subset of total knee arthoplasties at Sault Area Hospital
(Supervisor: Darren Costain)

Goddard, Emma – Eliciting the Student Perspective on NOSM’s effectiveness with the implementation of the Social Accountability Mandate
(Supervisor: Gayle Adams-Carpino)

Goertzen, Aidan – The impact of physician caseload on patient outcomes in opioid agonist therapy in Ontario
(Supervisor: David Marsh)

Harvey, Jacqueline – Social Accountability as a Framework for Engagement for Health Institutions to Improve Patient and Community Health
(Supervisors: Alex Anawati/Erin Cameron)

Houde, Matthew – The Rural Generalist Pathway: Medical student and resident perceptions on a novel education stream
(Supervisor: Eliseo Orrantia)

Kelly, Dayton – Overall Traumatic Brain Injuries: Characterizing Incidence and Related Emergency Department Visits
(Supervisor: Melanie Squarzolo)

Luu, Brandon – Limb salvage outcomes following implementation of a Northwesterns Ontario vascula and endovascular program to treat critical limb threatening ischemia
(Supervisor: Mary MacDonald)

Mercier, Mathieu – Obstetrical Services in Northern Ontario: What’s Happened Since 1990?
(Supervisor: Eliseo Orrantia)

Mose, Rylee – Cultural Safety: Exploring different Educational Approaches in Medical Education
(Supervisor: Erin Cameron)

Nucci, Nicholas – Adverse effects in spine surgery of patients with preexisting rheumatologic conditions: a systematic review
(Supervisor: Travis Marion)

Smylie, Peter – Factors Determining the Risk of Elopment of Forensic Patients in Northern Ontario (Supervisor: Maryana Kravtsenyuk)

Sonke, Conner – Retrospective Analysis of Surgical Cases Presenting to Emergency Department
(Supervisor: Joseph Reich)

Waugh, Miranda – Stories of Art and Local Transformation in Health & Education (SALT-HE)
(Supervisor: Erin Cameron)

Xiao, Victor – Study of B-cell activating factor (BAFF) and proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL)activation in Haemophillus influenzae infection model
(Supervisor: Marina Ulanova)


The 2019 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are

Anthes, Christina – Determination of the ability of IgA to opsonize Haemophilus influenzae type A (Supervisor: Marina Ulanova)

Beruar, Ananya – Northern Ontario Infrastructure Survey: Impact on feasibility and costs for home haemodialysis
(Supervisor: David Berry)

Bruce, Phoebe – Why they stay: Analyzing factors that effect retention in ‘Rural’ Northern Ontario team-based physicians
(Supervisor: Eliseo Orrantia)

Derksen, Jilayne – Why they leave: A Qualitative Study on Rural Northern Physician Turnover
(Supervisor: Eliseo Orrantia)

Duquette, Caroline – Strategies for Personalizing Care in Hospitalized Older Adults
(Supervisor: Janet McElhaney)

Gray, Megan – Topical tranexamic acid in hip fractures, a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blinded study
(Supervisor: Darren Costain)

Grebowicz, Adrian – Opioid agonist treatment in primary care: Creation of flowsheet and learning modules to promote uptake
(Supervisor: Ryan Patchett-Marble)

Ingves, Dayna – The HARMS Program for safer opioid prescribing through systematic urine drug testing – creation of educational tools for widespread clinical dissemination
(Supervisor: Ryan Patchett-Marble)

Kubinec, Chelsea – Immunoepidemiology of invasive Haemophilus influenzae in northwestern Ontario (Supervisor: Marina Ulanova)

Narendrula, Rashmi – Influence of Sex on Adrenaline Synthesis and Hypertension
(Supervisor: TC Tai)

Nucci, Nick – Incidence of acute care adverse events in hip fracture patients: a prospective study of a North Western Ontario cohort
(Supervisor: Travis Marion)

Prevost, Chad – Effect of retinoids on disease progression in a mouse model of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury
(Supervisor: Alexander Moise)

Quinlan, Kaitlin – Comparative effectiveness of methadone and buprenorphine/naloxone in Ontario
(Supervisor: David Marsh)

Shahi, Niharika – Do imaging-guided biopsies performed by interventional radiologists lead to better patient outcomes?
(Supervisor: Radu Rozenberg)

Syed, Tarannum – The Evolution of Prenatal Screening Tests and its Impact on the Abortion and Disability Rights Arenas
(Supervisor: Geoffrey Hudson)

Tesolin, Daniel – The START-IT Tool for automated urine drug testing – application design
(Supervisor: Ryan Patchett-Marble)

Trigo, Sabrina – The History of Seniors’ Health in late 20th-Century Ontario’
(Supervisor: Geoffrey Hudson)


The 2018 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are

Aleska, Emily– Turning Concussion Management on Its Head: An Innovative Interprofessional Approach
(Supervisor: Tara-Anne Baldisera; Jairus Quesnele)

Arthurs, Adam– Molecular Effects of Exposure of a Yeast Model to Different Radiation Environments
(Supervisor: Doug Boreham)

Boissonneault, Eve– Identifying factors that delay recovery in interdisciplinary concussion team models
(Supervisor: Tara-Anne Baldisera; Jairus Quesnele)

Byce, Sarah– Epidemiology of Invasive Haemophilus influenzae disease in Northwestern Ontario
(Supervisor: Marina Ulanova)

Byrne, Collin– Inflammatory mechanisms of hypertension: cytokine-mediated regulation of catecholamine biosynthesis
(Supervisor: TC Tai)

Faggioni, Anastasia– The history of the surgical management of burns in Canada: how the field of plastic surgery has led to the advances in burn surgery seen today
(Supervisor: Geoffrey Hudson)

Gunka, Barbara– Phase I: A chart audit to investigate high-frequency emergency department users, their health demographics for chronic pain and practice patterns of opioid provision
(Supervisor: Bryan MacLeod)

Han, Yaeji- Perioperative Predictors of Extubation in Adult Cardiac Surgery in a Community Hospital
(Supervisor: Bindu Bittira)

Harvey, Jacqueline– Healthy Active Living in Aging Populations
(Supervisor: Erin Cameron)

Kubinec, Chelsea– Age-Specific natural Immunity against Haemophilus influenzae type A in a pediatric population as an indicator of exposure to the pathogen
(Supervisor: Marina Ulanova)

Mailloux, Rebecca– Regulation of epinephrine biosynthesis by intermittent hypoxia
(Supervisor: TC Tai)

Policicchio, Anna-Lee– Hematologic parameters as prognostic markers in cancer
(Supervisor: Ioannis Voutsadakis)

Syed, Tarannum– Learning about place and medicine: to go or not to go?
(Supervisor: Brian Ross)

Tesolin, Daniel– “Learn the HARMS” Opioid Prescribing Initiative: Creation of educational tools to support the implementation of Urine Drug Screening in primary care clinics for safer prescribing of opioids in chronic non-cancer pain
(Supervisor: Ryan Patchett-Marble)

Valcourt, Alexandra– Primary Care Screening and Referral for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Northern Ontario
(Supervisor: Elizabeth Levin; Diana Urajnik)

Vandermeer, Nel– Qualitative Analysis of the State of Canadian Opioid Agonist Therapy
(Supervisor: David Marsh)


The 2017 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are

Byrne, Collin – Inflammatory mechanisms of hypertension: cytokine-mediated regulation of catecholamine biosynthesis (Supervisor: Dr. TC Tai)

Caputo, Michael – Does transdermal nitroglycerine improve outcomes when used as an adjuvant to standard therapy in the treatment of patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease? An Internal Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial (Supervisor: Dr. Sante Fratesi)

Cassidy, Benjamin – Turning concussion management on its head: An innovative, inter-professional approach (Supervisors: Dr. Tara Baldisera & Dr. Jairus Quesnele)

Domonkos, Victoria – Comparative analysis of adverse events following immunization in patients with severe chronic kidney disease receiving Prevnar 13 (PCV13) after previous pneumococcal immunization (PPV23) versus patients receiving Prevnar 13 without previous PPV23 immunization (Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova)

Erickson, Gabrielle – The effect of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside on inflammasome activation in cardiac oxidative stress condition (Supervisor: Dr. Neelam Khaper)

Han, Yaeji – Primary Care perspective Related to Intimate Partner Violence on Manitoulin Island (Supervisor: Dr. Marion Maar)

Hollingsworth, Amanda – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Diagnostic Services: Interdisciplinary Practices in Northern and Rural Areas (Supervisors: Dr. Elizabeth Levin and Dr. Diana Urajnik)

Mercier, Joey – Hematologic parameters in the prognosis of gastrointestinal cancers (Supervisor: Dr. Ioannis Voutsadakis)

Murray, Nathaniel – The Thunder Limb Protocol – Development and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Clinical Pathway for the Evaluation and Management of an Erythematous, Painful Lower Extremity in the Emergency Department (Supervisors: Dr. Meghan Garnett and Dr. Elena Poliakova)

Nix, Eli – Assessment of protective antibody in a paediactric Indigenous population at high risk of invasive Haemophilus influenzae type A disease (Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova)

Petrick, Carmen – Beliefs and Perspectives of Patients and Providers on Hospital-based Water Birth (Supervisor: Dr. Eli Orrantia)

Scully, Jonathon – Using statistical and spatial analysis techniques to evaluate patient mortality based on transport distance to the emergency department (Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Affleck)

Shahi, Niharika – The use of urine drug screening by primary care providers in rural Northern Ontario for detecting and managing misuse amongst patients being prescribed opioids for chronic non-cancer pain (Supervisor: Dr. Ryan Patchett-Marble)

Stevenson, Johnathan – Canada’s indigenous population’s susceptibility to Haemophilus influenzae type a in the post-Hib conjugate vaccine era (Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova)

Thibodeau, Stephane – A study of Onctotype Dx assay in the treatment of ER-positive, Her2-negative lymph node-negative breast cancer patients (Supervisor: Dr. Ioannis Voutsadakis)

Thorgrimson, Joelle – Developing and validating specific medical event management training protocols for flight crews on deep space, long-duration space exploration missions (Supervisor: Dr. David Musson)

Vandermeer, Eleanor – Qualitative Analysis of the State of Canadian Opioid Agonist Therapy (Supervisor: Dr. David Marsh and Dr. Joe Eibl)


The 2016 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are

Corliss Best – An Exploration of Otolaryngology in Undergraduate Medical Education (Supervisor: Dr. Damian Micomonaco)

John Coccimiglio – Bioactivity of Medicinal Herbs (Supervisor: Dr. Zacharias Suntres)

Daniel Dalcin – Clinical and epidemiologic analysis of post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in northwestern Ontario (Supervisor: Dr. Nicholas Escott)

Zachary Kuehner – Physical and Cognitive Approaches to the Management of Fibromyalgia – A Multidisciplinary Approach and An Evaluation of Physical and Cognitive Treatments for Post-Concussive Symptoms: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Supervisor: Dr. Simon Lees and Dr. Paolo Sanzo)

Brittanie LaBelle – ArcGIS spatial analysis of geographic barriers in accessing methadone maintenance treatment in Northern Ontario (Supervisor: Dr. David Marsh)

Kian Madjedi – A prospective chart review assessing the outcomes of Endoskopia: an orthopedic intervention for chronic low back pain (Supervisor: Dr. Marion Maar)

Sara McDonald – Advance Care Planning in Emergency Patients (Supervisor: Dr. Christine Pun)

Eli Nix – Immunological basis for increased burden of invasive bacterial disease among First Nations in Northern Ontario (Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova)

Samantha Nordlund – The Health Kids Community Challenge (Supervisor: Dr. Diana Urajnik)

Hailey O’Donnell – Attitude of First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario toward a proposed vaccination against haemophilus influenza type a. an important pathogen affecting Canadian Aboriginal people (Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova)

Sean Plumley – Turning Concussion Management on it’s Head: An Innovative Inter-professional Approach (Supervisor: Dr. Tara Baldisera)

Meagan Roy – Assessing Undergraduate Medical Knowledge of Resource Stewardship at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Supervisor: Dr. James Goertzen)

Nora-Beth Saunders – Molecular mechanisms involved in hypoxia regulation of adrenaline synthesis (Supervisor: Dr. T.C. Tai)


The 2015 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

John Coccimiglio – Analysis of the content of electronic health messages sent via an electronic health record in a rural practice (Supervisor: Dr. Adam Moir)

Daniel Dalcin – Antibiotic use and clinical infection tracking in the Sioux Lookout Region of northwestern Ontario (Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kirlew)

Geoffrey Leblond – Critical Disclosure Analysis of the Evolution of Psychiatric Diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Supervisor: Dr. Stacey Ritz)

Esa Leinonen – Understanding the Intersection of Mental Health and Opioid Addiction Treatment (Supervisor: Dr. David Marsh)

Tin Li – PCR analysis of RNA BP expression in lung cells (Supervisor: Dr. Leslie Sutherland)

Alana Rawana – An analysis of current and forecasted patient visits to the emergency department and the effect on hospital admissions (Supervisor: Bruce Weaver)

Melissa Stacey – Molecular Mechanisms involved in hypoxia regulation of adrenaline synthesis (Supervisor: Dr. TC Tai)

Leandra Stringer – Development and Evaluation of an electronic hospitalist handover tool to improve Patient care and reduce medical errors (Supervisor: Dr. Anne McDonald)

Michelle Taylor – Excessive weight gain in pregnancy: A growing problem in our communities (Supervisor: Dr. Karen Splinter)

Joelle Thorgrimson – Natural immunity against Haemophilus influenzae type a (Hia) in a population with a high incidence of invasive Hia disease (Supervisor: Dr. Marina Ulanova)

Brooke Wilson – Suicide Training: Changing Attitudes and Actions – An Evaluation of SafeTALK Training for NOSM Students (Supervisor: Dr. Eva Neufeld)

Kristen Zahn – Effect of colon cancer screening program on incidence of and stage at diagnosis of colon cancer in Wawa (Supervisor: Dr. Mike Cotterill)


The 2014 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

Jazmyn Balfour-Boehm – Narcotic Use in Pregnancy (Supervisor: Dr. Len Kelly)

Daenis Camire – Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma Risk Assessment in Northern Ontario Through ‘Clinical-Genetic’ Screening (Supervisor: Dr. Sanjoy Gupta)

Pamela Chenard – A comparison of Doxorubicin and Doxorubicinol in rat heart and liver tissue following anthracycline administration (Supervisor: Dr. David MacLean)

John Coccimiglio – Biological and Systemic Effects of Iron Overload (Supervisor: Dr. Zacharias Suntres)

Daniel Dalcin – Investigation of blastomycosis septic shock in Northwestern Ontario (Supervisor: Dr. Syed Zaki Ahmed)

Daphne Haggarty – Evaluating Student-Led Interprofessional Education (Supervisor: Dr. Ian Newhouse)

Kelly Lewis – The Incidence and Implications of Mental Illness in University Students (Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Levin)

George McKay – Autophagy signaling in doxorubicin induced cardiotoxicity (Supervisor: Dr. Neelam Khaper)

Meagan Roy – The Three Ds: Understanding the concurrence of Diabetes, Dementia and Depression in an Aboriginal Patient Population (Supervisor: Dr. Kristen Jacklin)

Joelle Thorgrimson – Providing sensitive and competent health care for LGBTQ patients in Northern Ontario (Supervisor: Dr. Stacey Ritz)

Ryan Weist – A prospective chart review study of patients with back pain receiving “Endoskopia” a conservative spinal therapy treatment, at the Alfen Spinal Clinic in Wurzburg, Germany (Supervisor: Dr. Marion Maar)


The 2013 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

  • Hillary Bohler
  • Derek Bos
  • Tessa Boyer
  • John Coccimiglio
  • Cara Collins
  • Robyn Duffus
  • Graham Gaylord
  • Martha Giuseppe
  • Jesse Gordon
  • Kelly Graff
  • Valerie Nicholls
  • Derek Paradiso
  • Amanda Richer
  • Tracy Sarmiento
  • Heather Anne Smith
  • Zsolt Toth

This year’s projects, supported by NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards, include the following topics:

  • Mental Health in University Students
  • How Northern Ontario family physicians use PSA as a screening tool for carcinoma of the prostate
  • The pivotal role of the Canadian military in the development of the field of plastic surgery in Canada: Contributions of pioneering plastic and reconstructive military innovators from 1920 to 2012.
  • Biological effects of phenolic isomers, carvacrol and thymol.
  • Developing LGBTQ Health Education at NOSM: Needs Assessment of NOSM Faculty, Residents and Students.
  • How did the events of World War I (WWI) shape the field of plastic surgery in Canada?
  • Introducing SMHC in Northwestern Ontario: An analysis of changing referral patterns of primary care providers.
  • A pilot study of the lived experience of patients with back pain receiving “Endoskopia”, conservative spinal therapy treatment at the Alfen Spinal Clinic in Wurzburg, Germany .
  • Nursing Before Nightingale in Eighteenth-Century England.
  • Epigenetic Regulation of the PNMT Gene in Hypertension.
  • Patient satisfaction following Ultrasound Guided Calcific Tendinosis Rotator Cuff Treatment.
  • Clinical evaluation of CT based ventilation imaging for early lung cancer.
  • “NOAT” – “Neurons, Opiates and THC”.
  • ‘The History of Seniors’ Health in Ontario, 1974-1996.
  • Impact of a Non-Traditional, Wilderness-Based Educational Platform/Model on Interprofessional Collaboration.
  • DREAM GLOBAL – Interventions for hypertension in First Nation and low income countries.

Read more about the research projects.


The 2012 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

  • Patrick Legault
  • Derek Bos
  • Michael Thibert
  • David Savage
  • Martha DiGiuseppe
  • Christy McKinnon
  • Jesse Gordon
  • Valerie Nicholls

This year’s projects, supported by NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards, include the following topics:

  • Influence on neurophysical, biological and social outcome indicators in prescription opiate addiction: suboxone vs. methadone;
  • Assessing the knowledge, attitudes, and practice patterns of health-care providers in Northern Ontario in prevention of recurrent kidney stones;
  • Comparison of standard and limited open palmar incision carpal tunnel release techniques;
  • Developing seasonal physician shift schedules in the emergency department to meet patient demand and potentially reduce length of stay;
  • The lived experience of patients with back pain receiving “endoskopia,” conservative spinal therapy treatment at the Alfen Spinal Clinic in Wurzburg, Germany;
  • Assessment of modifiable preoperative risk factors in hip and knee arthoplasty patients in Northwestern Ontario;
  • Nursing before Nightingale in eighteenth-century England; and,
  • Historical perspectives on organ donation and transplant and the current issues regarding donation and transplant in Northern Ontario.

Read more about the 2012 Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards.



The 2011 recipients of the NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

  • Sean Bryan
  • Matthew Piche
  • David Savage
  • Leah Scott
  • William Yates
  • Pouya Sadeghi Aval

This year’s projects, supported by NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards, include the following topics:

  • Clinical significance of cathespin L in diabetes;
  • Protective effects of polyphenolic compounds on cardiac myocyte viability under oxidative stress conditions;
  • Using simulation modelling to evaluate strategies for reducing the length of stay in CTAS 3 patients in the emergency department;
  • A historic chart review of chronic illness in Manitoulin from 1930-1950;
  • Regulation of adrenaline biosynthesis by reactive oxygen species; and,
  • Clinical characteristics and epidemiology of invasive haemophilus influenzae disease in Northern Ontario in the post-Hib vaccine era.

Read more about the 2011 Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards.



The 2010 recipients of NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

  • Allison Carroll Coutts
  • Jeniva Donaleshen
  • Rebecca Matthew
  • Justin Poling
  • Colleen Valente

This year’s student projects, supported by NOSM Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards, include the following topics:

  • Research and Innovation Project “Northern Lights”;
  • Examining differences in mortality and morbidity rates related to chronic disease among Aboriginal and Euro-Canadian people on Manitoulin Island from 1869-1950;
  • Effect of Pre-natal Glucocorticoid Exposure on Neurobehavioral Outcomes;
  • Identifying groups at risk for community acquired pneumonia in Northern Ontario; and,
  • End of Life and Palliative Care Needs in Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal Reserve Communities.


On April 24, 2009, the following ten NOSM medical students received Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards:

  • Kathleen Anderson
  • Melissa Crawford
  • Carla Dubois
  • Stacey Erven
  • Meghan Garnett
  • Sean Gravelle
  • David Harris
  • Richard Nadeau
  • Josee Poulin
  • Zachary Veitch

This year’s student projects, supported by the Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards, include the following topics:

  • Developing an evidence-based diabetes management improvement intervention for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients with diabetes on Manitoulin Island;
  • How shared care and interprofessional collaboration can improve the delivery of mental health care in rural, remote, and Aboriginal communities in Northwestern Ontario;
  • Evaluation of the utility of an infrared camera to asses joint heat in patients in comparison to a blinded joint assessment performed by a qualified therapist;
  • Accuracy of screening for developmental disabilities in primary care settings;
  • Survey of graduates from the family medicine anaesthesia third year resident training program in Northwestern Ontario from the past 15 years;
  • Evaluation of the risk of invasive Haemophilus influenzae disease in patients with chronic renal failure;
  • Intergenerational differences and knowledge gaps in Interprofessional Collaboration and Education;
  • Intensive care sedation and knowledge translation;
  • Effect of SU1498 on the proliferation and survival of breast cancer cells; and,
  • The examination of doxorubicin metabolites in rat xenografts of wild type and drug resistant MCF-7 breast tumor cells using the microdialysis technique.


On March 28, 2008, eight NOSM medical students recieved Founding Dean Summer Medical Student Research Awards covering a full range of research studies including:

  • Functional analysis of externalized behaviour in children with fetal alcohol syndrome;
  • History of disabled children’s health in Northern Ontario;
  • History of medical ethics and military medicine;
  • Aboriginal cancer research consultation;
  • Patient satisfaction in clinics that employ a shared-care approach to mental health;
  • Retrospective study of mentally ill persons in standoff with police;
  • Accuracy of screening for developmental disabilities in primary care settings; and,
  • Post-operative outcomes of hip fracture hemiarthroplasty in a community hospital versus a tertiary care institution.

The 2008 recipients of the Founding Dean Summer Medical Student Research Awards are:

  • Safiya Adam
  • Bruce Cook
  • Kendra Cote
  • Brandon Entwistle
  • Stacey Erven
  • Jennifer McPhail
  • Carolyn Stark
  • Lynn Noel de Tilly


On April 25, 2007, eight NOSM medical students were awarded the Founding Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards:

  • Bruce Cook
  • Brandon Entwistle
  • Angela Golas
  • Danielle Hamilton
  • Andrea Haner
  • Lana Potts
  • Matt Strickland
  • Kimberly Varty

This year’s student projects include the following topics:

  • The role of lipoic acid in preventing the death of lung cells as a result of exposure to paraquat, a common pesticide;
  • New techniques used to stabilize hip fractures;
  • The treatment of social phobia;
  • The potential benefits of using combinations of local anesthetics (of differing duration of effect) to identify an ideal mixture;
  • Pain management strategies for knee surgery patients in a hospital setting;
  • The perceived social and environmental factors that may contribute to the prevalence of diabetes in First Nation communities;
  • The examination of knowledge and attitudes of the women of some of Africa’s poorest regions towards cervical cancer and HIV/AIDS; and,
  • The history of cross-cultural medical and health professional education, with a focus on rural and remote community-based experiences.


On April 21, 2006, eight charter class medical students were presented with the first-annual Founding Dean’s Summer Medical Student Research Awards. These summer research projects will span a broad range of areas, from biomedical studies to social research.

The following students earned the Founding Dean’s Summer 2006 Medical Student Research Awards:

  • Omodele Ayeni
  • Nicole Beauvais
  • Abdel-Kareem Chehadi
  • Lyndsay McFadgen
  • Jeffrey Middaugh
  • Robert Pastre
  • Lana Potts
  • Elaine St. John