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2010 Northern Health Research Conference


Friday, June 4, 2010

Kevin Agostino
Analysis of the Presentation of Aboriginal Patients to the Regional Stroke Programs in Northern Ontario 

Pamela Brunelle and Lee Rysdale
Fruit Juice Linked to Childhood Obesity? An Evaluation of Juice Intake and BMI in Ontario Preschoolers 

Dianne Cameron
Towards an IP Certificate at Laurentian 

Gavin Tansley
The UBC Medical Journal: Engaging Dialogue Across the Province 

Beth Linkewich
“Virtual” Home Safety Assessment After Stroke in a Remote Aboriginal Communities 

Sheila Damore-Petingola
The Supportive Care Oncology Network: Moving Forward, Improving the Patient Experience Utilizing Screening for Distress 

Margaret G. Delmege
Demographic Characteristics of NOSM Medical Students Associated with Intended Medical Discipline and Practice Location 

Nicole Ranger and Anita Dewar
Facilitating Sustainability: Delivering Successful Interprofessional Learning Programs to Pre- and Post-Licensure Healthcare Providers in the Clinical Setting 

Trevor Frise Smith and Karen Lacelle
Comprehensive Assessment and Integration of Care Planning Using the InterRAI Palliative Care: Findings From Ontario Community-Based Care 

John C. Hogenbirk
Economic Contributions of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine to Northern Ontario 

Donna Kearney
Meeting Rural Community Needs Through Integrated Care 

Lynn Kabaroff
The Analysis of a Corporate Physical Activity Intervention: A Group-Mediated Cognitive-Behavioral Case Study 

Maryam Khan
Effectiveness of a Science Outreach Program on Aboriginal Youth in Northern Ontario 

Mary Jo Wabano and Nancy Young
Promoting Resilience and Mental Well-Being Through an Outdoor Adventure Leadership Experience Designed for Aboriginal Youth from Northern Ontario 

Niki Naponse
Manitoulin Anishinabek Research Review Committee’s Guidelines for Ethical Aboriginal Research: A Community-Based Aboriginal Ethics Review Process 


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sarah White
Comparison of the Biological Effects of Sudbury Particulate Matter (SPaM) with Other Particulate Types: Acute and Chronic Studies 

Jaro Kotalik
Aboriginal Health Care Ethics – A Missing Discipline 

Brian Mitchell
Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Uptake with a Patient Navigator 

Phyllis Montgomery, Patricia Bailey, and Sharon Mossey
Support and Housing Priorities for Persons with Serious Mental Illnesses Living in Northeastern Ontario

Richard Nadeau
Sedation and Analgesia Protocols in a Community-Based Intensive Care Unit: Does Daily Tracking Improve Concordance? 

Amadeo M. Parissenti
Reduced Tumour RNA Integrity in Response to Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients 

Elizabeth Wenghofer
A Closer Look at Ontario’s Northern and Southern Rural Physicians 

Meghan Garnett
Graduates of the Family Practitioner Anesthesia Residency Program in Northwestern Ontario What are they contributing to anesthesia services in Canada? 

Karen Rebeiro Gruhl
Stuck in the Mud: Experiences of Employment for People with SMI in Northeastern Ontario 

Arnold Kim and Allison Carroll Coutts
Improved IPC Through Shared Documentation and Development of a Medical Domain Specific Language

Marina Ulanova
Risk of Invasive Haemophilus Influenzae and Streptococcus Pneumoniae Diseases in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure: A Call for Vaccination? 

Marion Maar
Beyond Expectations: Why do Aboriginal and Euro-Canadian patients with type 2 diabetes on a rural island in Northern Ontario demonstrate better outcomes for glycemic, blood pressure and lipid management than Canadian comparison populations?

Silvana Spadafora, Jane Howard, and Michela Febbraro
Improved IPC Through Shared Documentation and Development of a Medical Domain Specific Languagee Implementation of Wellness Initiatives  

Line Tremblay
The Effect of Parental Perception of their Children’s Weight and Exposure to Information Addressing Health and Weight on Parents’ Body Size Perception and Their Strategies for Feeding Their Child 

Chet E. Holterman
Ets-1 Promotes Hypoxia Inducible Factor alpha Isoform Target Specificity 

David Topps
Secure Patient Information Exchange (SPIE) Project

Rachel Ellaway
Analysing the Impacts of an Educational Intervention: A Case Study

Shelley Watson
“It’s Like Being on a Rollercoaster”: Resiliencies and Challenges of Raising a Child with FASD in Northern Ontario  

Bruce Weaver
"A New Rule of Thumb for 2x2 Tables with Low Expected Counts" 





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