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MERLIN Team Members


Erin Cameron
Assistant Professor, Medical Education



NOSM at Lakehead

Brian Ross
Professor of Pharmacology

NOSM at Lakehead

Roger Strasser
Professor of Rural Health, Founding Dean of NOSM

NOSM at Laurentian


Jeff Bachiu
UME Administrative Manager, Curriculum and Planning
NOSM at Laurentian


Jennifer Fawcett
Senior Director, Postgraduate Education
NOSM at Lakehead


John Friesen
Director, UME Education
NOSM at Lakehead


John Dabous
Instructional Designer
NOSM at Laurentian

John Hogenbirk
Family Medicine Research Tutor
NOSM at Laurentian
(705) 675-1151 ext. 3435

Christina Tremblay
Assistant Instructional Designer
NOSM at Laurentian




Hafsa Siddiqui

MERLIN Research Intern

Hafsa Siddiqui is a MERLIN research intern at NOSM. She holds an undergraduate degree in finance, along with minors in psychology and economics from Lakehead University. She is currently finishing up a Master of Science in Management degree, after which she intends to pursue further education in the field of bioinformatics. Hafsa is passionate about improving the delivery of medical services in the north through research and education. In her spare time, Hafsa runs a social enterprise dedicated to improving the health of diabetics in Northern Ontario.



Holly Fleming

MERLIN Research Assistant

Holly Fleming is a MERLIN research assistant. She is currently on the tail end of doing a Masters of Environmental Studies in Northern Environments and Cultures where she is working on a project that looks at mapping the story aspect of indigenous knowledge. She holds an undergraduate degree in archaeology with a minor in Russian which she completed at University of Calgary, University of Helsinki and Memorial University of Newfoundland. She is passionate about understanding place and community as it relates to medical education and looks forward to developing this passion through her work with the MERLIN team at NOSM. Outside of research she is an avid cross country skier, hiker, backpacker, runner, biker, kayaker and climber and loves to push her limits in all outdoor activities.