Remote Work

Dr. Vicki Kristman

Dr. Kristman’s current research interests include

                            • epidemiology,
                            • work and employment;
                            • mental health,
                            • Indigenous health and
                            • musculoskeletal and brain injury

                          Dr. Kristman is currently seeking graduate students. Students interested in working with Dr. Kristman should email her with their CV, writing sample, and a summary briefly indicating the ways in which they believe their research interests align.

                          Funded Projects

                          Evaluating the Wiiji app to improve Indigenous workplace mental health: a mixed-methods approach Principal Investigator: Kristman VL Co-investigators: Mushquash C, O’Loughlin R Collaborators: Gilbeau A Submitted to: CIHR Program: Project Scheme Amount: $367,200 Term: 10/2020-4/2023

                          A mixed methods study of Immigrant parents’ perceptions of risk factors, prevention strategies, and accessibility of injury prevention programs to prevent unintentional injuries in children in rural and Northern Ontario Principal Investigator: Alzghoul, M Co-investigators: Kristman VL Submitted to: SSHRC Program: Insight Development Grants Amount: $292,525 Term: 06/2020-05/2022

                          Transitioning to the future of work: An intersectional study of vulnerable youth and young adults. Principal Investigator: Jetha, A Co-investigators: Gignac M, Hamdani S, Kristman VL, Smith P Submitted to: SSHRC Program: Insight Development Grants Amount: $74,171 Term: 06/2020-05/2022

                          Improving workplace wellness and work disability outcomes in Northern populations Principal Investigator: Kristman VL Co-investigator: Dauner K Submitted to: Lakehead University VPRI Program: International Research Partnership Award Amount: $10,000 Term: 01/2020-12/2020

                          Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures (FOCI): Designing safe, sustainable and inclusive coastal communities and industries for Atlantic Canada [Work package: Return to work after work injury or illness: challenges for marine and coastal workers in Atlantic Canada] Principal Investigator: Foley P, Moro L Work package leaders: Cullen K, Kristman V, Shan D Submitted to: Ocean Frontier Institute Program: Phase II Amount: $4 million Term: 01/2020-12/2024

                          Relevant Publications

                          O’Loughlin R, Kristman VL, Gilbeau A. Inclusion of Indigenous workers: a mental health intervention. Equality, diversity and inclusion: an international journal. Sept 22, 2020, in press.

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