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Dr. Ruben Hummelen

Dr. Hummelen has the privilege in working with communities to conduct retrospective cohort studies, quality improvement projects and literature review to improve primary care in the North: 

  • Quality Improvement of screening for Diabetes in pregnancy
  • System improvement to optimize management of Diabetes in pregnancy 
  • Improving birth outcomes of Diabetes in pregnancy 
  • Qualitative studies of Opiod Agonist Therapy and factors which allow clients to enter sustained remission of Opiod Use Disorder. 



Recent Publications:

Jacob J, Bocking N, Hummelen R, et al. The development of a community-based public health response to an outbreak of PSGN in a first nations community. Can Commun Dis Rep. 2021 Jul 8;47(7-8):339-346 

Hummelen R, et al. Demographics, prevalence, and outcomes of diabetes in pregnancy in NW Ontario. Can J Rural Med. 2020 Jul-Sep;25(3):99-104.  

Kattini R, Hummelen R, Kelly L. Early GDM screening with Glycated Hemoglobin: A systematic review. J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2020 Nov;42(11):1379-1384.  

Poirier J, Kattini R, Kelly L, Madden Dooley J, Marazan B, Hummelen R. Screening for GDM in Northwestern Ontario. Can J Rural Med. 2020 Apr-Jun;25(2):61-66. 

Kattini R, Poirier JN, Kelly LF, Madden SN, Ockenden H, Dooley JP, Hummelen R. Outcomes of Pregnancies Affected by Gestational Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes in a Rural First Nations Obstetrical Program in Northwest Ontario. Can J Diabetes. 2020 Jan 12:S1499-2671(20)30001-0. 

Funded Projects: 

Project title: ‘Enhancing Care for women with diabetes in pregnancy living in fly-in communities, a quality improvement initiative’, Principal Investigator, March 2019 – current. Grant amount: $50,000, Northern Ontario Academic Medicine Association (NOAMA) 

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