Remote Work

Dr. Geoffrey Hudson




Member, Graduate Program Faculty, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Associate Professor in the History of Medicine, Human Sciences Division, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Adjunct Professor and Member, Graduate Program Faculty, Lakehead University


2008-Present Associate Professor, Human Sciences Division, NOSM
2004-2008 Assistant Professor, NOSM
2003-2004 Acting Director, History of Medicine Unit, Faculty of Health Sciences
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
1999-2002 Programs Director, Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine/AMS
Toronto, ON
1997-1999 Research Fellow, The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine
University College London, UK
1996 D.Phil., History, St. John’s College, Oxford University, UK

Research Areas
Social history of medicine, war and medicine, as well as the history of disability.

Current Research Projects Include
1. Disability and War in England, 1580-1800
In this study I investigate the nature of disability in the early modern period including contemporary attitudes to disability and the social negotiation between the disabled and authorities (within the context of the development of policies of confinement and discipline). I am combining a study of national military hospitals with an analysis of the county pension scheme in order to provide an examination of war, the state and disability in early modern England.

2. Advocating for Full Citizenship: Disabled Persons, Health and Social Policy, and the Ontario Government, 1975-1995.
This project is funded by a multi-year grant from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). The study is being accomplished via an examination of relevant papers in the Archives, related documents, as well as interviews with individuals active at the time. The goal is to broaden our understanding of the development and implementation of disability policy and its impact on the health of Canadians. This objective includes a deeper understanding of the significance of provincial government initiatives, as well as provincial-federal cooperation in this field of health.

Selected Publications

Roger Strasser, John Hogenbirk, Kristen Jacklin, Marion Maar, Geoffrey L. Hudson, Wayne Warry, Hoi Cheu, Tim Dube, Dean Carson, ‘Community Engagement: A Central Feature of NOSM’s Socially Accountable Distributed Medical Education’, Canadian Medical Education Journal, 2018, 9 (1).

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