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Margaret G. French

Margaret’s role within the CFSA is analytic support and administration of two tracking studies, as well as being the OHT Impact Fellow supporting two northern OHTs – All Nations Health Partners and Rainy River by building capacity with them and broader system partners, including academic networks to support ongoing research, quality improvement, evaluation and interprofessional education. Margaret is also an Analyst with the Office of Institutional Intelligence (OII) at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University (NOSM U), a relatively new unit within NOSM U created to improve the university’s system capacity in health analytics and quality improvement. She assists with monitoring and reporting the Strategic Plan. Additionally, she chairs the Data Standards Working Group. Margaret considers herself a transplant Northerner. While her formative years were spent in the warmth and humidity of the Great Lakes, for the past 20 years, her ballast has been in the Sudbury Basin. She has degrees in Sociology, Law & Justice and Public Health. She lives in Sudbury with her husband and daughter. Margaret is actively involved in the rare disease community and passionate about patient and family representation in research.