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Our People

Alex Anawati

Clinical Lead in Social Accountability Advocacy Leadership and Policy. Joint Appointment with HSN.


Rachel Brown

CFSA Research Associate – Community Engagement

Erin Cameron

CFSA Academic Director. MERLIN Lead.


Roya Daneshmand

TBRHRI Research Coordinator


Holly Fleming

Senior Research Assistant and CityStudio Interim Project Coordinator

Margaret G. French

OII Data Analyst and OHT Impact Fellow



Karessa Govender

TUFH Academies and Social Accountability Manager for The Network: Towards Unity for Health

Kristine Hart

Senior Research Assistant (Learning Health Systems)

Rae Jewett

Research Associate (Learning Health Systems)

Maxwell Kennel

CFSA Research Associate – Research Engagement

Kelly Meservia-Collins

OHT Impact Fellowship Lead, PHD Student at MERLIN

Hilary Mettam

CFSA Research Associate – Operations and Planning



Robyn O’Loughlin

Research Associate – NORTHH


Nicole Parisien

Research Assistant


Hafsa Siddiqui

Research Assistant

Brianne Wood

Research Lead – NORTHH. Joint Appointment with TBRHSC.

Barb Zelek

Clinical Sciences Division Head
Clinical Lead, NORTHH