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MERLIN Team Members


Erin Cameron, B.Ed, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medical Education

NOSM at Lakehead

Research Interests: Social accountability, rural medical education, qualitative and participatory research methods

Brian Ross, PhD, MEd
Professor of Pharmacology
Interim Associate Dean, UME

NOSM at Lakehead

Research Interests: Social accountability, community placements, place-based education theory and practice

Roger Strasser, MBBS, BMedSc, MCISc
Professor of Rural Health
Founding Dean of NOSM

NOSM at Laurentian

Research Interests: Social accountability, generalism, rural health, and family medicine

James Goertzen, MD, MCISc, CCFP, FCFP
Assistant Dean, CEPD

NOSM at Lakehead

Research Interests: Medical education, compassionate leadership, professionalism,

Sarah McIsaac, MBBCh, MEd, FRCPC
Medical Director, Faculty Development
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences Division

NOSM at Laurentian

Research Interests: Faculty development, needs assessment, and organization change management

Robert Anderson, MD, FRCPC
Program Director, Anesthesiology
Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences Division

NOSM at Laurentian

Alex Anawati, BSc, MD, CCFP-EM
Global Health Coordinator
Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences Division

NOSM at Laurentian

Research Interests: Social accountability of health institutions and health professional education programs (other than medical schools)

Paul Miron, MSc, MD, CCFP
NOSM Family Medicine Program Director
Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences Division
Research Interests: Selection, Assessments, and Program Evaluation

Marion Maar, BSc, MA, PhD
Associate Professor, Human Sciences Division

NOSM at Laurentian

Research Interests:
Cultural Safety (community based curriculum co-design, experiential learning and Indigenous pedagogy, service provider education and development, Indigenous arts in curriculum, evaluation and assessment)
-Opioid use in First Nations
-Anishnaabe cultural, language, and land based approaches

Elaine Hogard, BA (hons), MSc, MEd, PhD
Professor of Program Evaluation in the Human Sciences Division
Director of UME Assessment

NOSM at Lakehead

Elizabeth Wenghofer, BSc, MSc, PhD
Professor of Kinesiology and Health Sciences

NOSM at Laurentian

Research interests include areas of physician performance, medical regulation, continuing professional development, rural physicians and program evaluation


Jeff Bachiu
UME Administrative Manager, Curriculum and Planning
NOSM at Laurentian

Jennifer Fawcett
Senior Director, Postgraduate Education
NOSM at Lakehead

John Friesen
Director, UME Education
NOSM at Lakehead

John Dabous
Instructional Designer
NOSM at Laurentian

John Hogenbirk, PhD
Family Medicine Research Tutor
NOSM at Laurentian

Christina Tremblay
Assistant Instructional Designer
NOSM at Laurentian

Clare Cook, PhD
CEPD Research Coordinator
NOSM at Lakehead

Ghislaine Pilot-Attema
Research Coordinator
NOSM at Lakehead

Sophie Regalado, MISt, MA
Research & Scholarly Communications Librarian
NOSM at Lakehead




Sophia Myles
MERLIN Postdoctoral Fellow

Sophia Myles is a postdoctoral fellow with MERLIN at NOSM. She recently completed her PhD in Rural and Northern Health at Laurentian University. Her research interests include physician scope of practice, medical education, medical regulation, and primary health care in rural communities. She has collaborated with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada on the Future of Medical Education in Canada – CPD project, as well as with the Royal College’s Health Policy and Practice Committee, and developed recommendations related to the relevance, educational design, integration, and evaluation of a “scope of practice” tool within the Royal College’s MAINPORT ePortfolio. She looks forward to advancing research at NOSM related to social accountability in medical education. Outside of research, Sophie is an avid sports fan. When not following a number of sports, she enjoys travelling, exercising, spending time outdoors, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her husband and their two dogs.




Kirstie Taylor
MERLIN Research Intern

Kirstie Taylor is a Research Assistant Intern at NOSM in the Rural Medical Education research group. She holds a Master’s Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Community Psychology, as well as a BA in Psychology from Cape Breton University. She originates from the East Coast of Canada and grew up in a rural area, sparking her interest in a rural area of study. Her other research interests include LGBTQ+ health and wellbeing, and she has a vested interest in community-based and socially accountable research. When not doing research, Kirstie likes to spend time at her sewing machine, analyzing pop culture media for fun, or writing her own creative fiction.

Student Researchers



Maya Brassard

Maya Brassard is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia majoring in Critical Indigenous Studies and minoring in Educational Psychology & Special Education. She grew up on Vancouver Island with her mom, little sister, and two perfect cats. Maya is interested in community-based and population health research that advances system level change toward health equity. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine as a rural generalist.


Kristina Levert

My name is Kristina Levert and I’m a third-year undergraduate student studying Biologie biomédicale (B.Sc.) at Laurentian University. After completing my undergraduate studies, I aspire to become a medical student at the NOSM and pursue my dream of becoming a physician. Born and raised in Sudbury, ON, I recognize the struggles faced by individuals in isolated communities across Northern Ontario. As a trilingual individual with a passion for applied science, I am beyond excited to be a Research Assistant with this project. I look forward to furthering my knowledge regarding the influence of research on healthcare development in rural communities! In my free time, you can find me on the lake with a book in hand or hiking the Laurentian trails with my dog Chase!



Emily Booth

Emily Booth is a medical student at NOSM, who has just completed her second year. She will be acting as a MERLIN student researcher over the course of the summer, eager to learn more about healthcare in rural communities. Emily holds a Master of Public Health from Queen’s University where she completed a practicum placement in Indigenous Engagement focused on cultural competency enhancement. She completed her undergraduate degree in Health Promotion at Laurentian University. Emily was born and raised in Sudbury, and enjoys spending time outside hiking, fishing and downhill skiing.



Sadie Barnett

Sadie Barnett is a medical student at NOSM. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Lakehead University and a BA in Kinesiology from Western University. Her research interests include rural health education and community-based research to address health inequities experienced in rural and northern populations. She is passionate about advocating for healthy public policy through a social justice lens to achieve health equity.



Sébastien Labelle

Sébastien Labelle is a first-year medical student at NOSM on the West campus. He was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario. He completed an undergraduate degree in biomedical science at the University of Ottawa. Sébastien is a proud Franco-Ontarian who will be undertaking a research project in the area of Francophone Health Curriculum at NOSM. In his free time, Sébastien loves to cook and bake, spend time outside fishing, hiking, and playing tennis.



Sophie Thomas

My name is Sophie Thomas and I am a medical student at NOSM and researcher with MERLIN. I completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Queen’s University where I completed a thesis project examining individual variability in exercise tolerance. I grew up in a small town in Ontario which sparked my research interest in Generalism and Primary Care. I am looking forward to working on my MERLIN project which is part of a national study to examine Generalist curricula in pre-clerkship programs across Canada using the Toronto Generalism Assessment Tool (T-GAT). My other research interests are in the area of Emergency Medicine particularly pre-hospital and retrieval medicine, as well as wilderness medicine. Outside of research, my passion is in search and rescue where I worked for four summer with the Canadian Coast Guard marine search and rescue crews. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, boating, skiing and running.

Former Members

We are incredibly thankful for the contributions made by the following individuals during their time at MERLIN. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Holly Fleming

MERLIN Research Assistant

Hafsa Siddiqui

MERLIN Research Intern

Devon Lee

MERLIN Research Assistant

Jacqueline Harvey

MERLIN Medical Student

Roslyn Graham

MERLIN Medical Student

Breezy Beaudry

MERLIN Medical Student

Miranda Waugh

MERLIN Medical Student

Chandelle Mensour

MERLIN Medical Student

Hannah Mikhail

MERLIN Medical Student

Zvia Mazal

MERLIN Medical Student

Dr. Brenton Button

MERLIN Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Brianne Wood

MERLIN Postdoctoral Fellow