Remote Work

Application Process

Application Process

  • All interested applicants are invited to submit a 2-page letter of intent (LOI) due June 6 2022
  • Selected LOI applicants will be invited to submit a full application due June 27 2022 at 4 PM EST

Eligibility Guidelines

A total of ten Challenge applicants will be funded up to $10,000.

  • There will be five Planetary Health Challenge Awards for community- university collaborations to support research in Northern Ontario to respond to climate change and related social determinants of health in the North.
  • There will be five Indigenous Climate Change Challenge Awards for First Nations or Métis communities or agencies in Northern Ontario to support projects that strengthen youth resilience and connect youth with Knowledge Keepers, Elders and the land, culture, and Indigenous languages to respond to climate change and distress in their community.
  • Funding is one-time, for one year, non-renewable.

Funding Schedule

The award recipient shall receive 50% of funds upfront, 25% with mid-term progress report, and final payment of 25% with final report and video. Approved projects will receive funds starting July 2022.

Reporting Requirements

1) Midterm progress report (2 page form).

2) End of grant reporting items will include the following:

  • An executive summary (4 page form) should outline the project’s background, methodology, important findings, and implications for the relevant award (i.e. Planetary Health Challenge or Indigenous Climate Change Challenge).
  • A brief financial report form.
  • A 3-5 minute project video to be shared on NOSM U and/or research websites (support available at NOSM).
  • A video conference knowledge sharing session with all successful applicants (hosted by NOSM).

The video submission should describe the research project. All videos will be shown at a Social Accountability $10K Challenge Award event hosted by the Centre for Social Accountability, NOSM University, and the Climate Change Council to showcase the work of successful grant recipients. The cost of creating this video must be included in the proposed budget. Language translation costs, if necessary, should also be in the budget where applicable. Please note that your video must be closed-captioned. If this is not possible, an accompanying transcript is required. Support is available for the production of the video.

For more information, visit  or email