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Participants Make Recommendations to Improve Health Worldwide

Thunder Bay Communiqué

New Ways of Thinking

One very important outcome of the Rendez-Vous 2012 conference is a series of recommendations prepared by the participants of the conference titled the Thunder Bay Communiqué: New Ways of Thinking. This Communiqué is being disseminated by the Rendez-Vous 2012 co-hosting organizations as a challenge to individuals, organizations and governments for implementation.

A synopsis of the principles guiding their recommendations include:

• Supporting underserved communities to grow in their ability to identify and voice their health needs and work to guide institutions educating health practitioners in providing targeted training that will address these needs;

• Communities must be part of generating solutions to their own health care needs and enabled to be actively involved in implementing these solutions;

• The Melbourne Manifesto and subsequent World Health Organization (WHO) Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel should be implemented and reported on by governments;

• Health systems should be strengthened through universal coverage leading to improved access;

• The effectiveness of systems such as capitation, fee for service and pay for performance should be rigorously assessed as the basis for an evidence based approach to health care financing;

• Health services should be delivered wherever possible by locally-based health care teams that include generalist practitioners who are empowered to deliver and coordinate comprehensive care and to integrate the implementation of disease base programmes where they exist; and,

• The improvement of the health of communities requires the empowerment and involvement of women and improving their safety and social, educational and economic standing.

Please click here to view a full version of the Thunder Bay Communiqué.


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