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Conference Sessions

Engaging Students and Postgraduate Residents in Conference Learning Formats

Rendez-Vous 2012 student conference sessions fell within five distinct learning formats, each designed to encourage for thought-provoking discussions and inquiry related to the abstract themes. 

The Rendez-Vous Student Organizing Committee (RVSOC) recognized the importance of tailoring the conference program to suit the interests of all student delegates. It is our hope that participants

International student, Elkin Cabrera (centre) with Rendez-Vous 2012 staff Cathy Powell (left) and Catherine Valle (right).

went away from the conference with not only a better understanding of health care globally, but also with new friendships that will last a lifetime. In doing so, this will facilitate the establishment of strong networks that form the building blocks of an international community concerned with provision of equal access to health care across the globe—a community based on creativity, passion and an understanding that there is power in a group of like-minded people.

Rendez-Vous Student Workshop Program 




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