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Accompanying Persons Tours

Two exceptional scenic tours have been arranged as part of Rendez-Vous 2012’s Accompanying Persons Program. Enjoy the beauty of Thunder Bay and surrounding region and take advantage of quaint and exquisite shops highlighting local crafts and artwork. If you are intereseted in an Accompanying Persons tour, visit the Registration Desk for more information and to sign up for one or both tours.

Tour # 1

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cost is $25.00/person   (Lunch and transportation are included included.)


09:30 Depart Valhalla for Mount McKay Scenic Lookout of Thunder Bay
10:30 Cheese Farm Local Gouda Cheese Farm
12:00 Kakabeka Falls and Nature Walk | Picnic Lunch Provincial Park and Waterfall
15:00 Gammondale Farm Children’s Fall Festival

Tour #2

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cost is $40.00/person (Breakfast, lunch and transportation are included in the fee.)

08:30 Hoito Restaurant | Shopping on Bay Street Breakfast | Shopping
11:00 Terry Fox Lookout Scenic View of Thunder Bay and a Monument to Terry Fox
12:00 Centennial Park or Amethyst Mine/Ouimet Canyon Turn of Century Logging Camp
14:00 Thunder Bay Waterfront Development
15:00 Return to Valhalla or Hotel



Additional Options:

Golf Day at Whitewater Golf Club

Eagle Canyon – Zip Lining and Ouimet Canyon

Fort William Historical Park

Local Community Visit Day with delegates on Friday, October 12, 2012


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