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Why Rendez-Vous?

“Rendez-Vous,” a French term which means “a place appointed for assembling or meeting,” was particularly appropriate to describe a conference that welcomed more than 850 delegates from nearly 50 countries to reflect on and share experiences and information relevant to a common interest in Community Participation in Education, Research and Service. There were 486 delegates from North America, 124 delegates from Africa, 100 delegates from Australia, 80 delegates from Asia, 51 delegates from Europe, and 37 delegates from South America. This conference truly brought the world to Northern Ontario.

“Rendez-Vous” has a particular historical significance to Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario, and Canada.  Thunder Bay’s Fort William, recognized as one of Canada’s most impressive historical sites, served as an important hub (a “Rendez-Vous” spot) for the shipment of furs and trade goods.  At its height, Fort William was a bustling community of trading partners, French voyageurs and Aboriginals, all engaged in trade.



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