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Transfers of Residency Programs

Annual Request Deadline: January 31

There may be times in a resident’s education where they wish to transfer to another institution or internally to another program due to changes in professional interest or personal circumstances.

The following documents outline the principles and process for Transfers of Residency Programs, both within NOSM, program to program, and intra-provincially:

The above documents outline how resident transfers are handled consistently across Ontario, nationally and within NOSM, and the procedures for residents who wish to submit a transfer request. It is very important to register your intent to transfer with the PGME Office and let us help you in this process. Postgraduate medical education offices across the country mandate that communication happen among our offices versus directly with individual programs.

Transfers are always subject to a file review and interview process, available clinical capacity, and open funding. Other constraints may limit the availability of program transfers. Information on the desire to transfer is held in confidence by the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Office until such time as a transfer appears likely to be accepted and a release must be sought from a resident’s current program.

Requests can be submitted confidentially to Jennifer Fawcett, Senior Director of Postgraduate Medical Education at by January 31, 2020.