Remote Work

On Call and House Call

Residents receive call stipends for in-hospital call, home call and qualifying shifts as outlined in the PARO Collective Agreement.

To submit a claim for stipends, download the Resident On Call Claim Form and:

  • Complete the forms marking in “On Call” and “Qualifying Shift” dates.
  • Have the preceptor where you took call approve and sign your form.
  • Scan forms and email directly to HR/Payroll Coordinator, East Campus, at
  • Forms must be returned no later than 5 days after the end of the block.
  • Forms may be randomly checked against call schedules for errors.
  • If forms are not filled out correctly, they will be returned to the resident for re-submission.
  • Payment is part of the semi-monthly payroll and subject to standard payroll deductions.

Note: For safety reasons, residents are not permitted to do house calls alone (please refer to the Resident Safety section). Your supervising physician must always accompany you at all times.