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Leaves and Vacation

Leave and Vacation Entitlement

According to the PARO-CAHO Agreement, residents are entitled to:

  • 4 weeks of vacation (20 work days & 8 weekend days for a total of 28 days)
  • Residents can now break up one week of vacation into individual days.
  • 7 professional days (Article 12.1)
  • 1 floating holiday (Article 13.1)
  • 5 days Christmas or New Year’s leave (Article 13.2) dates determined each year by the Postgraduate Medical Education Office. (Article 13.2)
  • Subject to operational requirements, up to 7 consecutive days off during one of the four weeks proceding a CFPC or RCPSC exam

For the full details, consult the PARO-CAHO Agreement.

Religious Holidays: We make every effort to accommodate religious holidays instead of the 5 consecutive days off during December and January for (Article 13.2).

When a resident is completing only a portion of an academic year, vacation and professional leave days are pro-rated as follows:

Vacation Pro-Rated
FORMULA: Number of exact days in the period multiplied by 0.08.
EXAMPLE: Training period of July 1st to December 31st is 184 days x 0.08 = 14.72 days rounded up to 15 vacation days, inclusive of weekend days.

Professional Days Pro-Rated
FORMULA: Number of exact days in the period multiplied by 0.019.
EXAMPLE: Training period of July 1st to December 31st is 184 days x 0.019 = 4 professional days.

Maternity/Parental Leaves Processes

1. Notify NOSM program coordinator with leave of absence form
As early as possible, complete and submit a Leave of Absence Form with expected leave dates. Advance planning provides notification to Human Resources who will prepare all the documents for your leave and liaise with you on the details and payroll requirements. This also enables the scheduling team to arrange any rotation cancellations or modifications with the required advance notice to preceptors who arrange their schedules to accommodate resident training. In the event that the leave begins earlier than anticipated, residents can contact their program coordinator who will submit an update to the signed copy with the new dates and the resident’s authorization to make this change.

NOSM payroll ( will liaise with residents directly regarding leave details. The following are a few helpful tips:

  • Let payroll/HR know if you would like to continue your benefits during your leave. If so, you will need to send them post-dated cheques to cover your portion when your top-up ends.
  • After your last day of work payroll/HR will issue you an ROE (Record of Employment) so you can apply for Employment Insurance (E.I.). If this date changes from the submitted Leave of Absence forms, notify us immediately.
  • Send payroll a quick reminder email on your last day so they can start the process of preparing your ROE.
  • Send payroll/HR a copy of your first E.I. stub to show proof of receipt. From this document, top-up will be processed.
  •  Adjustments to Scheduling

2. Adjustments to Scheduling and On Call:
In accordance with PARO collective agreement, Attachment 3 – Workload During Pregnancy:

“In no event will a resident be scheduled or required to participate in on call duty after thirty one (31) weeks gestation unless otherwise agreed to by the resident”

Residents must inform their program coordinator of the date of 27 weeks gestation in order to adjust or reschedule rotations to comply with on call requirements. This notice must be received 8 weeks prior to the 27-week gestation date in order to facilitate scheduling and on-call changes that impact clinical preceptors and colleagues on services.

Vacation Accumulation During Maternity/Parental Leave

  • Any unused vacation prior to going on leave, and accumulated vacation while on leave, can be carried over to the new appointment year and taken immediately following the end of your leave before you return to work.
  • Vacation may also be taken at a later time mutually agreed upon between you and your program and/or preceptor. These unused vacation weeks should be used up by end of the year when you return or at a later time mutually agreed upon between you and your program and/or preceptor.
  • Professional leave days are not accumulated while on leave and unused professional leave days expire at the end of the appointment year. However, you will be entitled to seven (7) days of professional leave in the next appointment year as per Article 12.1 in the PARO-CAHO agreement. Therefore, if you have any unused professional leave days prior to going on maternity leave you cannot carry those over upon your return to work.
  • If you are required to undertake additional services at the end of your program to make up for time missed while on leave, your vacation entitlement will be pro-rated for the length of the additional service.
  • Some residents choose to use their accumulated vacation to extend their maternity leave. Alternately some residents choose to end their benefits from Employment Insurance early and use some of their vacation and return by the original date. This way, residents are paid a full salary for the remaining month, but still come back to residency at the same scheduled time. These are suggested options only and residents can choose to use their vacation at their discretion.

How to Request a Vacation or a Leave of Absence

Requests for vacation or leaves of absence should be completed in PaNDa using the Leave Requests system.

Requests should be submitted as early as possible as some services create call schedules months in advance.

As per the PARO-CAHO contract, leave requests must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the date(s) being requested. However, earlier submission is highly recommended, especially given our distributed education model.

It is important to note that if you are requesting vacation in excess of one week per block, your preceptor may not be able to evaluate you during that block, and this could result in an incomplete rotation and an extension of your residency training.

Your Program Coordinator and Preceptor will review your leave request in PaNDa and you will be advised of the outcome by email via

Block reminder notices that are sent out 4 weeks in advance of your rotation will also include your approved leave requests for that particular block.

Medical Leaves

We wish you good health during your residency and if you are ill, please take care of your health needs appropriately. As an employee and a licensed professional there are key responsibilities that you must attend to.

If you need to miss work because you are ill:

  • You must immediately notify your preceptor and program coordinator before the time you are expected to appear at work (being absent from work without notification is unprofessional)
  • If you miss more than one day you must notify your preceptor and program coordinator each day
  • You must also arrange for coverage for your on-call responsibilities

After any illness longer than five (5) consecutive days, you must:

1. Complete the Resident Leave of Absence Form to indicate the duration of the medical leave. It is your program’s responsibility to report this leave to the PGME Office with respect to payroll and CPSO reporting.

2. Prior to returning to work provide a Functional Abilities Form (FAF) completed by your physician and submit to The NOSM Occupational Health Nurse will review and advise your Program Director and Program Coordinator if there are any limitations or restrictions to your return to work/residency training. Your Program Director will discuss any modifications to your training program that alters its length or training requirements. Depending upon the extent of such modifications, they may need to be approved by the Residency Program Committee or Associate Dean.Residents on medical leave will receive sick leave benefits payable at 100% of their annual basic salary up to a maximum of six (6) months. Following this period, residents are eligible to apply for Long Term Disability Insurance benefits.

Attendance During Leaves
Residents on medical leave are not permitted to attend academics, any program meetings/activities, nor perform any clinical duties. Exceptions will only be granted with written clearance from a treating physician and the insurance carrier.

Residents on maternity/paternal leave can observe, but not participate in procedural and simulation sessions during academics, as there is a risk of needle stick or other injury.

Academic events are not mandatory to residents on maternity/paternal leave and a resident’s attendance at such events is purely on a voluntary basis. Each residency program decides if credit will be granted for academics on leave and travel reimbursement for academics will apply only when credit is associated with attendance. Information on the program’s policy on academic credit during leave can be sought from your program coordinator.

Returning to Training after Extended Leaves
It is anticipated that the required training time missed or rotations missed will be made up with equivalent time in the residency on the resident’s return to the program. All residents will be required to complete all mandatory and elective components of the program.

While residents normally will return to the program at the same level as when the leave was taken, the Program Director, in discussion with the returning resident, shall determine:

  1. The training level to which the resident will return following the leave;
  2. The necessary educational experiences required for the resident to complete the residency requirements and goals and objectives of the training program.
  3. Your program may also recommend a graduated return to full responsibilities to ensure you are in the best position for success.

Bereavement Leave

Where a resident requires Bereavement Leave, they will be granted such a leave upon notifying their Program Director & Program Coordinator as soon as possible following a death in their family.

A resident will be granted a leave of absence in order to mourn and attend to arrangements for the number of days set out below without loss of regular pay from regularly scheduled hours.

  • a) Five (5) consecutive working days in the even of the death of a spouse, common-law and same-sex spouse, child, stepchild, father, mother, sister, brother, step-parents.
  • b) Three (3) consecutive working days in the event of the death of a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, grandparents of the employee’s spouse, uncle, aunt, niece and nephew.
  • c) A total of seven (7) hours per calendar year in the event of the death of a close friend or a relative not included in the definitions of family above.
  • d) The employee will be entitled to save any portion of the bereavement leave where a service or internment is scheduled at a later date. When travel is required, additional time without pay may be granted by the Employer.
  • e) Employees who must travel a distance of 300 km or more for the purpose of attending the funeral will be granted an additional one (1) day without loss of pay.
  • f ) If, while on another scheduled leave, an employee is bereaved in circumstances under which he/she would have been eligible for leave, the employee is entitled to substitute bereavement leave for the other leave.