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Resident FAQs

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions new residents have when they start with NOSM. Bookmark this page as we will be continuing to update this page as more questions are submitted to the PGME office.


Q: How will I know the status of my claim after submission?

A: You will receive email notifications at the email address entered on the Expense Reimbursement page at the time of submission

Q: When will I be paid?

A: The Finance Unit requires up to 10 business days for payment processing after receipt of an approved reimbursement request.  Accounts payable payments are issued once weekly, typically on Thursdays.

Q: Who do I contact regarding an outstanding claim?

A: Include your tracking number in any communication:

  • Prior to receiving the “received in Finance” email –contact your Program Coordinator
  • After receiving the “received in Finance” email – contact Accounts Payable
  • If you receive a “Processing Delay” email – if any other information is required by you, your coordinator will contact you directly

Q: What is the difference between Payroll and Finance?

A: Payroll – issues related to your pay, T4’s, on-call sheets, benefits, etc.

     Finance – issues related to expense reimbursements (ie. travel, wellness, etc), T2202’s

Q: How do I update my personal information?

A: Updates should go to Payroll first.  If you want the same information (ie banking) used for your pay and expense reimbursements,  make sure to check off the “share with Finance” box on the personal direct deposit form.

Q: Where can we find out what are the eligible calls that we can claim?

A: For questions related to call eligibility please refer to the CaRMS contract or consult your Program Coordinator.

Housing, Electives and Schedules

Q: Is there any way to modify a leave request once it has been approved? 

A: An approved leave cannot be modified, if the dates of the request need to change; cancel the request and submit using the new dates.  However, if you only need to change the type of leave but your dates stay the same, your program coordinator can assist you in changing the type of leave without cancelling the leave.

Q: Do we contact our receiving site first to see if a preceptor will accept us? Or do we complete the application for approval before?

A: Learners should continue to complete the online elective application and allow the Community Relations Coordinator to reach out to the preceptor for review and status.

Q: Are residents limited to Ontario for electives? Is housing available outside of your homebase?

A: Residents are not limited to Ontario for electives. Should residents wish to seek an elective outside of Northern Ontario, this would then be classified as an “external” elective in which residents should communicate directly with their designated program coordinator to self-arrange an “external” elective.

Housing can be available for elective placements outside of your homebase within Northern Ontario, if available. Toronto and Ottawa can be requested for elective placements and if available we can rent to the learner at a cost of $125.00 per week. Your program must consider and approve elective placements anywhere else, however Housing will be at the cost of the learner.

Q: I have a relative that I can live with in Sudbury and selected resident arranged housing on the housing survery. I am currently in the NOSM Family Medicine Rural program and plan on also completing some core rotations in Sault Ste. Marie as well. Is it possible to access housing if I were to do a core rotation in Sault Ste. Marie even though I selected the option for resident housing?

A: Once you select to arrange your own housing “resident Arranged housing”, which is also referred to as Housing Option #2, you are on the hook for all housing for placements. You can switch back to NOSM housing but you will not have the option to change again for the duration of your program.

Q: I am unable to request an elective on PANDA, when I click the green plus, nothing happens. What do I do?

A: This seems to be a technical issue that would need more specific troubleshooting. If you encounter these sorts of issues when submitting your online elective application, please email so that we can further investigate the issue.


Q: Is the NOSM Elentra app only for iphone?

A: The NOSM Elentra app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The app is available for free download on the Apple iOS and Google Play stores. Further information on downloading and navigating the NOSM Elentra app is available in our online training module.

Q: Should the EPA’s be up in Elentra already?

A: Incoming PGY1 residents will be unable to trigger an assessment form until the official start of the academic year (July 1). If you continue to experience any issues following July 1, please contact the Evaluation and Assessment Team at

Q: Where can I find out more information on Elentra?

A: You can find additional NOSM Elentra training resources and information by visiting the Evaluation & Assessment webpage. Should you require further assistance, please contact!

Resident Wellness

Q: Can NOSM offer accommodations if a resident injures themselves?

A: Yes, the Resident Wellness Program can definitely assist with offering accommodations if a resident injures themselves.  In most cases, minor or short interval injuries can be dealt with by their program without requiring formal accommodations from the Wellness office. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) supports residents to be successful in their programs and to provide optimal patient care. Residents who enter NOSM post-graduate programs with disabilities or who develop disabilities during training may require additional support are referred to our Postgraduate Medical Education Accommodations policy.

The resident Wellness Program can aid in your Accommodations Plan to support adjustments to the learning and working environment that permit people with disabilities to have equal opportunities to succeed and to access equal benefits of education and employment. Accommodations serve to remove the barriers to achievement brought on by disability but do not change or lower the standards that a resident is required to meet.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions:

Resident Wellness Coordinator

Resident Wellness Lead Clinician

Canadian Medical Association

Q: Who is the Canadian Medical Association?

A: The CMA is your national, professional association. We represent physicians and physicians in training. We advocate on issues that matter to the profession and the health of Canadians. Our goal is to drive positive change within the profession and Canada’s health care system. 

Q: Where do I access CMA resident orientation information and resources? 

A: Please visit 

Q: Why join the CMA? 

A: Our key role at the CMA is to advocate for change at the national level. By joining thousands of resident members across the country we are able to advocate more effectively for improvements to our health care system. 

Q: Is there a cost to join the CMA? 

A: No, membership is complimentary for medical students and residents. 

Q: How do I renew my CMA membership? 

A: Please visit On the main page there will be a button called “stay in touch” where you can update your contact info. 

Q: If I need assistance with membership, retrieving my CMA member ID #, the CMA website or registering for online courses, who can I contact for help? 

A: Our Membership Service Centre team would be pleased to help and is available Mon-Fri 8am- 8pm EST Toll Free: 1-888-855-2555 or