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Welcome to NOSM Housing!

Last date updated: January 22, 2021

Please refer to NOSM’s COVID -19 site for all NOSM updates or contact for additional information. Please refer to the NOSM Housing Policy for procedures and responsibilities. This will highlight some information on core and elective rotations as well as other helpful information. The Housing Unit provides safe, comfortable housing to learners requiring it during placement. Learner applicability for any type of stay must fall within the NOSM Housing Policy.

Available Housing Locations

NOSM has learner housing in several Northern Ontario Communities as well as some limited, additional communities in Southern Ontario.  Other locations may be used based on availability and cost. A listing of NOSM housing can be found here.

Scheduling & Booking

Housing is automatically requested by the program for all learners completing core placements outside of their home base. Learners applying for elective placements at NOSM may request housing at the time of their application. Failure to apply during the application period may result in housing not being available. Please refer to application details and deadlines.

For NOSM Learners: NOSM Housing will be provided for learners that have confirmed 4+ weeks of placements in one community outside of their home base. If learners are performing two or three week placements, NOSM housing could be provided given availability and allocated at a fee. (Please reference the fee structure listed below)

For Visiting Learners: NOSM Housing may be provided to our visiting learners given availability within the requested community and allocated at a fee. (Please reference the fee structure listed below)

NOSM Elective $125 / week
Visiting Undergrad $200 / week
Visiting Postgrad $200 / week
Canadian Undergrad Studying Abroad $200 / week
International Learner $200 / week

* Housing applicability for elective placements is a minimum of 2 weeks* and in accordance with your application requirements.

* Special inter-school agreements are subject to varying fees.

General Apartment Information & FAQ

NOSM provides a variety of fully furnished shared housing in various communities. Most will consist of 2, 3- or 4-bedroom apartments or houses.  All NOSM Housing is shared and mixed gender. Housing will be located approximately 2-3 km’s from the main hospital or clinic site within the community. Guests will receive detailed housing information sheets upon confirmation of their stay. Here are a few facts that will help you prepare. We are looking forward to having you stay with us!

If you require special accommodation, please contact your program coordinator before your placement(s) are confirmed.  

COVID-19 Pandemic Updates?

In order to enhance the safety of our learners through the winter months of the pandemic, NOSM is introducing changes to its current housing practices to account for COVID-19 concerns. NOSM housing has been identified as an important area to increase the ability for learners to be housed in single learner allocations if appropriate. As most of the NOSM Programs (now including UME, PGME, Physician Assistants, Rehabilitation Sciences, Northern Ontario Dietetic Interns, and Visiting Residents) have re-entered into clinical placements, it means that there is cohabitation occurring within NOSM Housing. Understandably this can be a cause for concern as the pandemic numbers increase not only in Northern Ontario but also in all of Ontario.

What does fully furnished mean?

Apartments will have well equipped kitchens with most kitchen items such as dishes, glassware, cutlery, and small appliances. Items such as brooms and vacuums for tidying will be included as well. Each bedroom will have bedding, bath linens and will have a personal study area.

What do I need to supply?

Guests are required to bring all personal products. Your clothing and all personal items, food and other sundry such as paper towels, garbage bags, light bulbs, soap etc. will be your responsibility

Are the apartments cleaned?

Yes. NOSM has cleaners that come in before and after each guest. However, during the stay you are expected to keep the apartment tidy and to leave it in the same way that you found it in, including disposal of your garbage and recycling on a weekly basis.

How do I pay my housing fees?

If fees are required, you will be notified of the amount when you are sent your housing confirmation letter. Fees can only be paid by cheque or money order, be prepared to have one sent. (We are working on e-transfer payments and hope to have this feature coming out soon!)

Can I bring my pets?

No. Unfortunately, NOSM cannot allow anyone to bring pets due to severe allergy concerns of other learners, as these are shared accommodations.

Is there parking?

Parking is available at most locations, but may be subject to lease agreements, cost and availability. Details will be available and provided in your housing confirmation letters.

How long can I stay in NOSM housing?

NOSM housing is booked specifically in accordance with the placement. In general, housing reservations will include the following:

  • Day before the placement 
  • Length of the placement
  • Day after the placement ends

This will allow learners to arrive the day prior to their placement and leave the day after their placement without having the worry about attending their clinical placements the same day.

** If learners have concerns regarding entering or exiting NOSM Housing please contact to discuss further.

*Special interschool agreement may apply.

Who do I contact if I have a special accommodation for housing?

Please contact your Program Coordinator or Learner Affairs Officer.

If you have reviewed the NOSM Housing Policy and the FAQ’s and still have questions, please send us your inquiry here: