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HHR Summit North 2018

HHR Summit North Resources

Summit North: building a thriving physician workforce

Background reading:

1. HQO data/performance metrics for Northern Ontario:

This is an online report that provides background information on the geography and key health statistics across Northern Ontario. Population perspectives of francophone, First Nations and Metis peoples are also highlighted.

2. Rural Road Map for Action

With the goal of supporting a robust family physician rural workforce, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada created this document through broad consultation, literature reviews and background research. It provides 4 broad directions, and 20 specific actions.

The Road Map for Action uses a social accountability framework and outlines roles for the WHO five key Social Accountability partners: health care professionals, policy makers, health and education administrators, universities and communities. Representatives from each partnership group are attending Summit North

3. Summit to Improve Health Care Access and Equity for rural Communities in Canada Final report July 2017

This document outlines the work done on February 22, 2017 to launch the Rural Road Map for Action. Here particular actions (from the 20 in the original report) are prioritized for geographic regions – see pages 9 and 10.

4. Environmental scan of work in other jurisdictions

A powerpoint slide deck is attached that summarizes the joint work of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Program and European Union.

Making it Work: A Framework for Rural and Remote Workforce

Several slides highlight factors that support the opportunities for physician recruitment and retention and may stimulate thinking about individual roles, or the role of one’s sector in improving rural physician recruitment and retention.

On the day of the summit the following presentation was shared by Dr. Denis Lennox and Dr. Roger Strasser:

Since Summit North the following documents have been produced:

1. The Northern Health Equity Strategy has been published by HQO and can be found here with reference to health human resources on Page. 21.

2. Nishnawbe Aski Nation’s Transformation Summit documents are linked here: