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Student of the Quarter

Spring Student of the Quarter


The NOSMSC is proud to present the Spring Students of the Quarter for the East and West Campus. Congratulations to them all!

Annie Dubé


Annie Dube (2nd year on NOSM East Campus) has been working incredibly hard on “Face Shields for Muskoka Healthcare Providers” to provide local health care providers with much needed PPE in spite of being in class full time. Good job Annie on being the East Student of the Quarter!


Katie Armstrong


Katie Armstrong on the west campus is one of the kindest, hardest working, gracious, and most dedicated students. Not only does she thrive academically and consistently succeeds, she is also humble and always willing to help other students. She quietly works behind the scenes in student administration and is a strong advocate for the 4th year class both during the COVID-19 pandemic and in general. In light of her strong leadership, academic excellence, and integrity, she is very deserving of this honour. We offer our warmest congratulations on being the West Student of the Quarter!



I would like to nominate Alannah MacLean and Sarah Mavin together for taking on such a daunting task of organizing PPE donations and supplying them to clinics and hospitals across Northern Ontario. I don’t think they realized the scope of the project that they were about to undertake, but they both stepped up to the plate and somehow managed to balance the volunteer initiative with their school and the rest of their lives. They helped to recruit 100+ volunteers for the initiative across seven regions in Northern Ontario. They have been the fearless leaders with a great army supporting one another following their lead! We offer our warmest congratulations on being our honourary Students of the Quarter!