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Partner Organizations

The NOSMSC is proud to be partnered with external organizations that enable opportunities for student involvement and provide discounts on textbooks, question banks, airlines, and hotels. Click the drop-down menus below for more information.

Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS)

The CFMS is the national organization representing medical students across Canada. Below is a list of amenities and opportunities provided by the CFMS for their members.

  • Electives Database
  • Discounts: many discounts including WestJet for all your travel needs as well as discounts for books and LMCC online question banks.
  • National Day of Action: the opportunity for advocacy with federal politicians.
  • Annual General Meetings: these occur in the Fall and Spring of each school year. A great opportunity to network with medical students across Canada and create professional relationships.
  • Executive Council and Committees: Join their council or multiple committees!
  • Innovator Grants:  Have a cool idea? Need funds to get it started? The CFMS has you covered!

For any questions relating to the CFMS or to become a member and receive the code to create your online account, please email VP External Sr.

For more information click HERE.

Ontario Medical Student Association (OMSA)

OMSA is the student organization representing Ontario Medical Students. They organize several annual events and have many committee’s on which students can partake.

  • Ontario Medical Student Weekend: Social event for first-year students to meet their peers from across the province. Partake in workshops, lectures and socialize in the evenings.
  • Provincial Lobby Day: Your opportunity to advocate with the provincial government.
  • Leadership Weekend: Workshops and Seminars to develop your leadership skills.
  • Ontario Student Medical Education Research Conference (OSMERC):  Chance for students to showcase their research in medical education.
  • Wellness Weekend: Escape to the Briar Resort for sessions on maintaining wellness in medicine.
  • Committee’s: They have 7 committees to choose from and one specific for NOSM students as well – Northern Ontario and Rural Medicine Committee. Check-out their website for more information.

For more information click HERE.

Canadian Medical Association (CMA)

The CMA is the physician equivalent and parent association of the CFMS. They host many large-scale events and offer financial advice to medical students through MD Financial. They also have discounts for travel and hotel for their members.

For more information on upcoming events and membership click HERE.

Ontario Medical Association (OMA)

The OMA is the parent organization of OMSA and is the representative body for Ontario Physicians. Not only do they offer discounts, but they also host an ambassador program for each of there General Meetings for interested medical students to learns the ins and outs of the organization. Any Medical Student who is an OMA member may also present themselves to be the voting Student Representative for NOSM at these meetings. They also offer disability and life insurance.

For more information on upcoming events and membership click HERE.

For any questions pertaining to any of the above organizations, please contact the NOSMSC VP Externals at