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Why Get Involved?

 Should I get involved in extracurriculars?

It’s a question we get often – why should I get involved in extracurriculars? Medical school is terribly busy do I really need to? Or, should I even consider getting involved in extracurriculars?

Well….. there are many reasons why YOU SHOULD get involved! Click below to find out more!

Career Exploration

You may have entered medicine WITHOUT a CLEAR idea of what kind of doctor you wanted to be when you grew up. Don’t fret! The NOSMSC supports many interest groups and organizes lecture series that allow you to explore different areas of medicine to make an informed choice on your future career.

If you happen to be someone who came in WITH a CLEAR idea of what you wanted to be. We encourage you to keep an open mind and to explore other career options, especially during Phase 1. Expose yourself to things you’ve never tried while still getting involved with interest groups that are in line with the specialty you are interested in.

For more information on what interest groups we have click HERE.

Professional Connections

Networking is an essential part of being a medical student. Building connections with peers, physicians, and faculty at NOSM, as well as across Ontario and Canada is crucial to uncovering opportunities for advancement in the field of medicine.

Travel Grants: NOSMSC supports a Travel Grant program for students to attend conferences across North America and create connections with people in their field of interest. If interested visit our Travel Grant Program page HERE.

OMSA and CFMS: NOSMSC is partnered with our provincial and federal student organizations. We support students wanting to get involved in any of their annual events or leadership opportunities within their committee’s and executive councils. For more information on provincial and federal opportunities click HERE.

Social Downtime

Being a medical student can be challenging. It can be easy to neglect our own wellbeing when you focus on all of the reading you need to accomplish, the essay you need to write, your academics and clinical responsibilities as well as all that paperwork that comes with clerkship, elective planning, and CaRMS.

NOSMSC is here for you throughout it all! We provide you with a mentoring opportunity with an upper-year buddy, provide regular buddy events throughout the year (i.e. bowling, paintnite) and organize an annual winter formal. We even have some great wellness snacks for everyone before an exam and some great wellness events!

For more information on what events are coming up click HERE.

CaRMS Preparation

CaRMS is the residency matching process that each 4th-year medical student must complete to gain a residency training program in Canada. Applying to residency is almost like re-applying to medical school. You need to demonstrate an interest in the field of medicine to which you are applying, involvement in extracurriculars and even possibly in research. Getting involved with what the NOSMSC has to offer provides you with opportunities that can go on your CV!

For more information on CaRMS click HERE.

 What can I get involved in?

There are so many opportunities for involvement!

You can get involved as a participant with interest group events, NOSMSC events, OMSA or CFMS.Feel like tackling more? Want to take on a leadership role? Join a committee at NOSM/OMSA/CFMS, join an interest group organizing committee or join the Executive Council for NOSM/OMSA/CFMS.

The opportunities are endless, so get started today!

Explore the sidebar for details on available options.