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Surviving UGY1

Congratulations on making it into Medical School! This is an extremely exciting time for you, but it can also be a bit daunting and intimidating.

The NOSMSC hopes to make your transition in First-year as smooth as possible, which is why we have developed and compiled some resources to help you succeed during your first-year at NOSM.

We hope you enjoy!

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is an initiative wherein each First Year Medical Student at NOSM is paired with a Second Year Medical Student for the year. This upper-year “Buddy” is your go-to-person for any questions you may have in regards to the program, academic expectations, or anything else you can think of!

Throughout the year “Buddy-Events” are organized to gather both First- and Second-Year Students in a social activity. Check out our Upcoming Events to find out more!

During orientation week you should receive an email with contact information about your buddy. If you haven’t please contact the Second-Year Class Representative for your respective campus:

First-Year Tips and Tricks

The First-Year Tips and Tricks guide was created by the 2020 class and serves as a go-to document when first starting medical school. It covers important subjects such as the NOSM acronyms (you will understand this once you have been a student here for a year), health plans, parking passes, NOSM Faculty contacts, and student testimonials.

If you have not yet received your copy by email, you can download it HERE!

Commonly Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions from first-year students. We hope you find our answers useful.

Check back soon for the answers to the FAQs, our Phase 3 students are currently compiling answers!

Tutorial Sessions

The NOSMSC is excited to announce Tutorial Sessions for Module 102-106. These sessions will be hosted via WebEx by Phase 2/3 students on module-specific topics.

Check back soon for a list of topics and event dates!