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A Special Education Experience (SEE) encompasses the equivalent of what is known as Observerships for medical students at other institutions. A SEE allows students to shadow a physician to explore a potential area of interest in medicine, during their studies or during their summer breaks following First- and Second- year. Below you will find a step-by-step approach on applying for a SEE that is less than 4 weeks in length consecutively. If the SEE you plan on completing is 4 weeks or more, you must go through the NEP program.

Note that SEE’s are NOT MANDATORY. They are supplemental to the established curriculum and do NOT replace electives. They are useful for Phase I students who are looking to explore career opportunities.

If you have any further questions contact

Step 1: Finding a Preceptor

Once you have decided on a discipline of interest, the first step is to find a preceptor. A preceptor needs to be a physician who agrees in writing to have you shadow him/her. Finding a preceptor can be done through your own personal contact – ie. preceptors in SES, CLS or at Interest Group Events. You can also reach out to upper-year students who have completed a similar SEE or the Learner Affairs Officers for a list of physicians in the field who have agreed to take on learners in the past. You may use the above email to contact the Learner Affairs Officers.

Step 2: Develop your Learning Objectives

Independently or in conjunction with your preceptor develop your learning objectives for your SEE. Examples of Learning Objectives used include: 1) Develop an approach to Abdominal Pain and 2) Develop an understanding of the multiple roles that a Family Physician upkeeps in a small rural environment.

Your learning objectives should be relevant to your discipline and the personal goals that motivated you to complete the SEE.

Step 3: Complete the Paperwork

For a SEE to be approved through NOSM, which is required to be covered by insurance, you must complete a SEE form for one of the categories listed below which best describes your anticipated experience (note – you will need to use your Sharepoint/Intranet credentials to access the form). Please attach the completed paperwork with your Learning Objectives that you developed in Step 2, and forward to

Step 4: Enjoy your Experience!

Once you have received approval from the Records Office you will be free to Enjoy your SEE Experience!