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What are OSCEs?

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are clinical-scenario exams that each Medical Student must complete during their MD. These exams are run as a circuit of multiple timed stations wherein you read the clinical-scenario on the door and enter the room to complete the requirement (i.e. interview and/or physical exam) before moving to the next station.


At NOSM there are TWO Summative OSCEs that you must pass at the end of Phase I and Phase II to be eligible for promotion to the subsequent phase. NOSM also organizes two formative OSCEs (one in Year 1 and one in Year 2) in preparation for the Phase I summative OSCE. While on CCC, your community will run OSCE stations in preparation for the Phase II summative OSCE.  In addition, the OSCE Interest Group will also run a mock OSCE with feedback for Year 1 Students prior to their first formative OSCE.

For questions about OSCE Preparation contact the OSCE Interest Group.

OSCE Resources

OSCEs can be quite intimidating when first starting out. However, the NOSMSC has compiled a few resources to assist with the task.

OnExam App

OnExam is an evidence-based medical app designed by medical students from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine to help guide history-taking, physical exams, and with OSCE preparation. The OnExam app can be downloaded on your Apple and or Android device or you can visit the website at

The NOSMSC is a proud sponsor of this endeavor.

Edmonton Manual

The Edmonton Manual is an OSCE Preparation Handbook created by University of Alberta students, residents and staff physicians. It is an easy read and provides great tips to perfect your skills. This book is quite handy for the Phase II OSCE where pathology/management of presentations is required.

You can order your copy on or you can order with the NOSMSC in November 2019 when we place a Bulk Order. Contact the NOSMSC VP Internal at for more information on Edmonton Manual Bulk Orders.

OSCE Prep Notes

Past NOSMSC students have compiled an easy resource to review interviews and physical exams for each body system, in preparation for Phase I and II OSCEs. A copy can be downloaded HERE (link coming soon).