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Placement Resources

At NOSM, students undertake several placements across Ontario and Canada. Between ICE Placements in Phase 1, to Clerkship in Phase II and Electives in Phase IV, it can be difficult to know what to expect and what needs to be done. Consequently, below you will find resources for all manner of placements that you will need to complete as an MD student at NOSM. Note that these resources are designed by students and provided to supplement the school’s resources.


ICE Placements

You complete a total of THREE ICE Placements as a NOSM Student – 106 (Indigenous Health), 110 and 112.

All sites have their pros and cons, and the NOSMSC has for the last 4 years compiled anonymous feedback for all sites as advice for future students who will be embarking placements. You may access this compilation on the NOSMSC Sharepoint Site HERE (link to site to come).


Clerkship is a stressful transition time from medical students, you are no longer within the confines of a classroom but rather are now tasked with the responsibility of caring for patients in a multitude of fields.

OMSA has a Clerkship Resources pages filled with Tips and Tricks, Survival Guides and Useful Clinical Apps. Check-out the resources HERE

The 2015 NOSM class has also published an “Unofficial Survival Guide for Clerkship” this copy is available for download HERE. Note that a revised document is currently being developed by the NOSMSC and will be available in January 2020.


Elective Planning for CaRMS can be quite a stressful experience, and we at the NOSMSC want to make this transition as easy as possible for you. Every year with the assistance of the Learner Affairs office we will provide you with seminars on navigating the AFMC Student Portal, as well as organize mock interviews for those completing the CaRMS process. Check-out our Upcoming Events for more information and details.

AFMC Student Portal: This is the database used by many Medical School’s across Canada for elective applications. Take the time to peruse it and get familiar with the different electives available at each school and the requirements for each by clicking HERE.

Electives Database: The CFMS has created an Electives Database which will go live on September 20, 2019. Input from all member schools across Canada was sought to develop it. Sign-up as a CFMS member to access it HERE. If you are not a CFMS member contact the NOSMSC VP External at to inquire about how to join today!

Career Planning: Career planning is an important step for Elective planning check-out the resources below for information and assistance.

  • MatchBook: Elective Planning is also about understanding the realities of the CaRMS match. Check-out the annual MatchBook created by the CFMS for more information.
  • Health Human Resource Planning Review: Developed by OMSA it outlines projections for the job market in Ontario. Read the HHR Guide for appropriate career planning.
  • Learner Affairs Officer: Don’t know where to start when it comes to career planning? Touch-base with one of the Learner Affairs Officer today at