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Education Corner

Welcome to the NOSMSC Education Corner. This section of the website is designed to provide you all with updates on interesting changes advocated by the Education Committee, provide you with helpful resources for all Phases of your medical training and to update you on upcoming tutorial sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns specific to an Education related need, send an email to Katie Armstrong (VP Education Sr) and/or Mathieu Mercier (VP Education Jr) at

Education Committee

The education committee is lead by the NOSMSC VP Education’s and they meet bi-annually with all members of the below NOSM committee’s to ensure that the interests of all undergraduate students at NOSM are represented appropriately. The education committee as a whole focuses on providing student-perspective to the curriculum and academic changes occurring at NOSM.

Education Committee 2019-2020

  • Chair: Kathleen Armstrong – NOSMSC VP Education Sr
  • Co-Chair: Mathieu Mercier – NOSMSC VP Education Jr
  • Undergraduate Medical Education Committee Representatives: 
    • Year 4: Katie Armstrong
    • Year 3: Taryn Davidson
    • Year 2: Shannon D’Angelo
    • Year 1: TBD*
  • Phase 1 Committee: 
    • Year 2 West: Joseph Boyle
    • Year 2 East: Jordan LeSarge
    • Year 1 West: TBD*
    • Year 1 East: TBD*
  • Phase 2 Committee: 
    • Year 3 West: Meghan Beals
    • Year 3 East: Miranda Waugh
  • Phase 3 Committee: 
    • Year 4 West: Barbara Gunka
    • Year 4 East: Jaclyn Wallace
  • Postgraduate Education Committee: Josée Malette*
  • ICE Committee: Amanda Hollingsworth*
  • Student Assessment and Promotion Committee: 
    • West: Jonathan VanDusen
    • East: Anna-Lee Policicchio
  • Research Committee: Sarah Mavin*
  • Program Evaluation Committee:
    • Phase 3: April Kindrat*
    • Phase 2: Kayla Edison*
    • Phase 1: Aaron Regis*
  • Academic Council:
    • Year 4: Niharika Shahi
    • Year 3: Yue Sun
    • Year 2: Peter Smylie
    • Year 1: TBD*

*The following roles will be elected in the Fall 2019 Election