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Student Council Fees



In 2019, the Ontario Provincial Government made substantial changes to student fee collection for post-secondary education institutions. These changes allow students to “opt-out” of non-essential fees.
Based on the Tuition Fee Framework released by the government, NOSM Administrations discussion with Lakehead and Laurentian Universities, and the fact that the host universities already have student unions, the NOSMSC was determined to not be .
*For a more detailed account of the decision contact 

Impact on the NOSMSC

This decision requires that the NOSMSC independently collect their Student Council Fees from all active members. Information on what the NOSMSC does, why we need your support and how to pay your 2019-2020 Student Council Fees are outlined below.
Your support of this new process is crucial in ensuring that the programming and services provided by the NOSMSC do not come to a halt!

What the NOSMSC provides YOU

There are many annual events, and daily behind the scene operations that are organized and delivered by the NOSMSC, below are a few examples:
Wellness Activities  Winter Formal
Buddy Events  Advocacy
CaRMs Preparation  Graduation
O-Week Social Activities ICE/CCC Placement Reviews
Interest Group Activities Tutorial Sessions

Students have commented on the multitude of benefits the NOSMSC brought to their medical school trajectory:

“During my years at NOSM, NOSMSC has provided me with funding and support to attend conferences where I was able to network with individuals in my desired field as well as meet fellow NOSM students. These opportunities allowed for mentorship as I progressed through medical school when I was selecting electives and provided me with friendly faces on electives.”  – Teaghan Koster, MD 2020
“Without the NOSMSC I would not have been able to explore different areas of interest. From my involvement in multiple interest groups, I was able to determine where my interests lay for my future career” – Anonymous 

Why should I pay my fees this year?

It’s simple, in order for the NOSMSC to continue to function effectively and provide the services we have always had, we need students to continue to buy into the membership. We want to continue to represent all NOSM students and provide the same level of quality programming for all students moving forward.
The NOSMSC is integral in funding and delivering services that impact each and every student, on both campuses, across all years. The funding provided to the NOSMSC is used to deliver educational experiences like Interest Groups, social events like the Winter Formal and Buddy Events, and prepare students for success in residency and beyond with Interview Prep Days for 4th years and 4th-year Graduation Party.

How much do I need to pay?

The NOSMSC is pleased to announce a fee reduction of $25 per year for the 2019-2020 school year!
To avoid having to pay fees yearly, we will be supporting a pro-rated fee schedule. Consequently, the fees below are all one-time payments!

2019-2020 NOSMSC Fees

Year 1 (MD 2023) : $400.00
Year 2 (MD 2022) : $300.00
Year 3 (MD 2021) : $200.00
Year 4 (MD 2020) : $100.00

How do I pay?

NOSMSC student fees can be paid by e-transfer to

Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NOSMSC President at or the VP Finance at