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Executive Council


The NOSM Student Council Executive is composed of 15 Executive Members and 8 Class Representatives who are actively involved in event planning, student advocacy, curriculum development, as well as ensuring the wellness of all NOSM cohorts. Each portfolio is responsible for overseeing one of NOSM’s many committees on which students sit.

For more information on the organization, roles, and responsibilities of the Executive see our Constitution.


NOSMSC Executive : 2020-2021


President – Joe Boyle


VP Internal – Kristen Wright

VP Executive – Aurinjoy Gupta

VP Finance Sr – Connor Sonke

VP Finance Jr – Brett Caccamo

VP External Sr – Chelsea Rehak

VP External Jr – Rylee Mose

VP Communications – Josée Legault

VP Equity & Inclusion – Nusha Ramsoondar

VP Education Sr – Mathieu Mercier

VP External Sr – Annie Dube

VP Global Health Sr – Chelsea Kubinec

VP Global Health Jr – Rachel Peet

Secretary* – Mandy Mellerup

Past President* – Jai Mashru


Class Representatives

Responsible for ensuring that issues pertaining to their specific stage of medical education and their cohort are adequately addressed. They are your go-to people for social activities on campus and buddy-parties!

Year 4 West – Meghan Beals

Year 4 East – Miranda Waugh

Year 3 West – Justina Marianayagam

Year 3 East – Seb Diebel

Year 2 West – Lyndon Letwin

Year 2 East – Mathieu Rheault-Henry

Year 1 West – Jason Vaillantcourt

Year 1 East – Jesse Moreau

* Non-Voting Members