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Indigenous Reference Group

The Indigenous Reference Group (IRG) recognizes the importance of providing spaces for Indigenous voices to be centered within the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. As such, there is a commitment to address broader concerns within Indigenous health including governance, and advocacy. This means ensuring accountability within our own internal processes, within the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and all other areas of Indigenous health.

The Indigenous Reference Group is established to provide leadership to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in the areas of research, administration and academic issues in order to promote excellence in higher learning and ensure appropriate reflection and inclusion of the Indigenous worldview(s). The Indigenous Reference Group will serve as the primary resource for NOSM in fulfillment of its social accountability mandate concerning inclusion of both Indigenous learners and the Indigenous worldview(s) in the education it provides.

Terminology: Indigenous is a collective name for the Original Peoples of North America and their descendants. The Canadian Constitution, Constitution Act 1982, recognizes three groups of Indigenous peoples – First Nations, Métis, and Inuit. These are three separate Peoples with unique heritages, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.

Indigenous Reference Group Terms of Reference (Updated October 12, 2016)