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French Language Communications

The NOSM University (NOSM U), has a mandate to be socially accountable to the cultural diversity of the region it serves, including the needs of Francophone people and communities in Northern Ontario.

Of the total Franco-Ontarian population, twenty-seven per cent (27%) of the Francophones live in Northern Ontario.  The University will endeavour to ensure that all its activities demonstrate sensitivity to an understanding of the cultural and linguistic needs of Francophones in Northern Ontario.  All NOSM U students will be encouraged to develop knowledge and understanding of the history, tradition and culture of Francophone people, and will be offered the opportunity to learn French.  Students for whom French is their working language will be offered as many opportunities as is possible to pursue their studies in the French language, particularly through clinical placements in French language health services and Francophone communities.

The official language of administration and instruction is English. However, the university’s external publications as well as some unofficial programming are available in French.

Recognizing the importance of Francophone people and communities in Northern Ontario and at NOSM U, major announcements, media releases, and selected documents will be available in French. Consistent with the University’s mandate, some positions in the University may require personnel (faculty and staff) who are bilingual in English and French.  These positions will be advertised in French as well as in English. An ability to communicate in French will be considered an asset in recruitment to all positions at NOSM U.

The University’s Francophone Affairs Unit and the Francophone Reference Group (FRG) work collaboratively to liaise with Francophone communities in Northern Ontario for the purpose of identifying and responding to the needs of Francophone people in the ongoing development of NOSM U.