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Information for MD Students


The scenario continues to rapidly change and evolve.  All attempts are being made to provide as current information as possible to students.

General Information for MD Students

Students at higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 infection.

Students who have pre-existing conditions that may place them at higher risk of developing severe illness e.g. being immunocompromised may be eligible for accommodation for medical reasons.  Please contact NOSM Learner Affairs for further advice (

Phase 1

 Phase 1 updates for AY 2021-2022 will be forthcoming.

List of Contacts:

Phase 2

Phase 2 updates for AY 2021-2022 will be forthcoming at the end of July 2021.

List of contacts:

Phase 3

2021-2022 COVID-19 Instructions for NOSM Phase 3 Students in the Clinical Learning Environment 

Date: April 15, 2021 

The following instructions apply to NOSM Phase 3 (Year 4) medical students, is subject to change, and will be reassessed on a regular basis. Any questions regarding the information in this document should be directed to the NOSM Phase 3 Director. 

1) Phase 3 medical students are required to follow the Covid-19 policies and guidelines in place at each hospital and clinic. NOSM acknowledges that policies and guidelines will vary by institution, and respects the individualized approach that public health and health care organizations must take to protect their patients and health human resources. 

2) Phase 3 medical students may “opt in” to confirmed Covid-19 positive patient care if all the following conditions are met: 

  • When permitted by the hospital 
  • With preceptor approval and close supervision in a safe learning environment 
  • When appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is available and not in short supply 

3) Phase 3 medical students may “opt in” to Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMPs) if all the following conditions are met: 

  • When permitted by the hospital 
  • With preceptor approval and close supervision in a safe learning environment 
  • When appropriate PPE is available and not in short supply 

If Phase 3 medical students are involved in an AGMP, they must be wearing appropriate PPE including an up-to-date fit-tested seal-checked N95 mask. 

4) The decision of Phase 3 medical students to participate or not to participate in Covid-19 positive patient care cannot affect their assessments. 

5) Learner and/or patient Covid-19 vaccination status does not change the requirement for medical students to follow all infection control protocols. 

6) Phase 3 medical students should send proof of vaccination to the NOSM Student Records and Electives Officer ( each time they receive a dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. 

7) Phase 3 medical students who are inadvertently exposed to Covid-19 in the clinical learning environment without the appropriate PPE (ex. defective PPE, break in protocol), must follow the following process: 

a) Remove themselves from the exposure. 

b) Notify their preceptor and/or clerkship lead. 

c) Notify Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) at the clinical site and follow their direction. 

d) If OH&S is closed, medical students should follow the advice of their preceptor and/or clerkship lead until OH&S is open. If there is uncertainty about how to proceed, the student may be excused from clinical duties until OH&S is open. 

e) Notify Academic Affairs at the clinical site and the Phase 3 Director. 

f) Report the exposure to the confidential email 

g) Complete a WSIB Form 8. 


NOSM Phase 1 Year 2 Electives – Updated March 18, 2021 & April 23, 2021

Phase 1 Year 2 Elective Period

June 21, 2021 to August 15, 2021

Northern Electives Program (NEP) Application Deadlines

NOSM Elective Applications should be submitted well in advance:

If requesting no NOSM Housing, minimum 8 weeks in advance of the elective start date
If requesting NOSM Housing, minimum 12 weeks in advance of the elective start date

Friday March 19, 2021 at Noon (newly revised)
Elective Application Opens

April 15, 2021
Elective Application Closes
*All applications should be submitted by the deadline to ensure the Community Relations Unit has enough time to efficiently process and secure placements.

Reference on how to apply in PaNDa:
It is important that all students read through the Handbook and Quick Reference Guide prior to submitting your NOSM elective application.

At this time, it is too difficult to provide information on all of our northern communities’ status, considering these ongoing changes. We will continue gathering data and will let you know if availability of electives changes during your application process.

When applying in PaNDA:

We are still asking you to continue to provide your full list of preferences and utilize all of the 4 choice options in the application, and our team will work with you to secure the best option.

In the application form, there is a ‘special requests field that students can input additional comments and direction for the Community Relations Coordinators to know when scheduling your application. One of the biggest concerns is dates range selection, please put your preferred dates for the elective; however, you can add in the ‘special request field’ that you are flexible in your dates.

Please remember when inputting your date selection your rotation period will begin on a Monday and end on the Sunday, (for example, June 21 –July 4 or June 21 –July 18).

NEP Funding:

Funding for NOSM Accommodation and/or travel of one round trip will only be applicable where the elective rotation(s) are a minimum of four consecutive weeks, within the same community (Homebase excluded).

If you do not qualify for funded housing or if your elective placement is less than four weeks you may request housing from, fees will be applicable, if available.

Travel Restrictions:

Safety Requirement and Isolation Restrictions can change rapidly. Students can keep up-to-date by referring to the Northern Ontario Isolation Requirements information found on the NOSM’s Response to COVID-19 webpage.

This list of restrictions is updated with the most current information provided by our communities and is subject to change. Please continue to keep track of the restrictions and within the communities in which you are requesting your placement.

Cancellation or Withdrawal of an Application:

There will be no changes to your Application once it has been approved by the Phase Director and sent to the Community Relations Coordinator responsible for Phase 1 Year 2 Electives. Given the time sensitive nature of which we are requesting preceptors to respond and advise of availability, we want to avoid cancellation of electives. Unless it is of extenuating circumstance, cancellation or changes to an elective once submitted will not be accepted.

Should you require assistance or guidance in reviewing your elective planning, please ensure to contact one of the Senior Learner Affairs Officers (Sherry Mongeau, Nick Alderton or Laura Csontos) and/or Dr. Suntres before submitting your elective application. Be confident in your first application before submitting.

Community Update regarding Elective Scheduling:

At this time, HSN is currently in discussion with UME to determine if elective opportunities will be available for NOSM UGY2 learners to arrange placement in Sudbury. If you wish to continue to apply for electives in Sudbury, we ask that you continue to submit your NOSM Elective Application listing your preferences. In addition, please ensure to submit an alternate NOSM Elective Application (backup electives), should the Community Relations Unit need to secure electives outside of Sudbury.

Elective requests will be accepted starting July 5 -Aug 15, 2021. Should you wish to apply for an elective in Sault Ste. Marie, please ensure your requested start date is July 5 or after. Sault Ste Marie is one of our busier centers currently and we anticipate that there may be limited availability.

Elective opportunities NOT AVAILABLE (*) / REACHING CAPACITY (~):

Emergency Medicine HSN (*)
Internal Medicine –ICU (*)
Internal Medicine –Dermatology (~)
Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology (*)
Obstetrics & Gynecology (~)

Anesthesia (*)
Family Medicine – Emergency Medicine (*)
Emergency Medicine – TBRHSC (*)
Internal Medicine -MCTU (*)
Internal Medicine –ICU (*)
Internal Medicine –Dermatology (*)


Elective opportunities are not available this year for NOSM UGY2 learners

Obstetrics & Gynecology (*)
Pediatrics (*)
NOTE: Still awaiting confirmation regarding accepting pre-clerks at the Timmins Hospital

Emergency Medicine (*)


Update from April 24, 2021 re: Sudbury electives:

Dear Phase 1 Year 2 Students,

Recognizing that this year has been rather challenging we want to thank you for your patience with processing your elective applications. At the beginning of the electives period, we did not know whether HSN Sudbury would be able to take UGY2 students. We began the application process with what was available and we are continuing to work diligently on securing elective opportunities for everyone.

Recently, we have been able to open up Family Medicine (without hospital privileges) in Sudbury for students who have received declines on their requests or needed specific learner accommodations. As of this week, we have received notice that HSN Sudbury is able to open a small amount of positions. These positions can consist of FM privileges and any specialty in HSN; however, there is no guarantee of requests being accepted within any discipline. Given the status of the third wave of the pandemic, it is highly unlikely that any HSN requests will be accepted and should be considered as a last option.

Therefore, the Community Relations Unit and the Phase 1 Leadership are moving forward by following these guiding principles:

  1. The HSN opportunities are not a guarantee and may change depending on the pandemic.
  2. No cancellations or changes of confirmed elective placements or sent requests are permitted unless due to extenuating circumstances, which the Phase 1 Director and Community Relations Manager approve.
  3. FM and HSN opportunities will only be allowed if there are new elective applications or in allocation to a new application opportunity based on a declined request from a previous elective application request.

We ask that students refrain from emailing the Community Relations Coordinators regarding HSN opportunities. If your initial elective requests come back declined, the Community Relations Coordinator will reach out to the affected students and then move forward with the potential of scheduling in Sudbury. If you have further inquiries regarding academic advising, please connect with Learner Affairs and/or Phase Director.

The reasoning behind these principles is that we do not want to cancel a confirmed elective placement for the possibility of another elective. Given all the constraints the pandemic has brought forward, our main objective is to be able to secure clinical elective time for all Phase 1 Year 2 students in preparation for your upcoming CCC year, and hopefully these elective experiences are within your interests you have requested.

NOSM Phase 3 Year 4 Electives – Updated April 22, 2021

On Monday April 26th, 2021 @ noon, the 2nd round of elective application will open. All Phase 3 Students with electives in Blocks 5-8 are eligible to apply through the elective application process in PaNDa.

As a reminder of the application process, please find attached reference documents to the NOSM Learner Elective Application Handbook and the Learner Elective Application Reference Guide. The attached documents will provide further guidance to learners in applying for their NOSM Electives via PaNDa’s Online Learner Elective Application. Please ensure to read both documents carefully.

Selecting your NOSM Elective preferences via the NOSM Elective Application form:

You will have the option to choose up to four preferences per elective application and rank in order from 1 -4. Please note when choosing up to four preferences, the start and end date must remain the same for all four preferences. If you wish to apply for an alternate date, a new elective application will be required.

When selecting your preferences, a drop down list of all disciplines/specialties will showcase all elective opportunities offered for Year 4 Undergraduates throughout NOSMs geographical region. IF by chance, there is an elective not listed that you wish to inquire, please email and we will further investigate to determine if it is offered. Of note, availability/unavailability of an elective is always subject to change.

NOSM Elective Applications will continue to be processed in quarterly blocks. Please read carefully and adhere to the application deadlines. The deadlines exist for administrative purposes.

 When applying for your electives please continue to reference the Northern Ontario Isolation Restrictions website regarding all of the restrictions within the northern Ontario communities and hospitals. As the third wave moves forward, there could be further restrictions imposed or lifted so please continue to check-in on these restrictions.

Northern Electives Program (NEP) Application Deadlines

 NOSM Elective Applications should be submitted well in advance:

If requesting NOSM Housing, minimum 12 weeks in advance of the elective start date
If NOT requesting NOSM Housing, minimum 8 weeks in advance of the elective start date

April 26, 2021 at Noon

Elective Application Opens for Elective Blocks 5-8 (August 16–December 05, 2021)


September 13, 2021 at Noon

Elective Application Opens for Elective Block 9 -11 (January 3 –April 17, 2022)

Any further inquiries can be directed to or to Dr. Meghan Garnett.

Visiting Canadian Electives – Updated April 29, 2021

Visiting Clinical Electives:

As of April 18, 2021, the decision was reached to extend the AFMC Portal closure meaning that there will be no visiting electives for the class of 2022 and/or the 2021-22 academic year (July 01, 2021 – June 30, 2022). Several factors that were considered include the ongoing uncertainty as to the evolution of the pandemic; public health measures that vary greatly by province, region and hospital; and the inability of schools at this time and in the foreseeable future to provide reliable estimates of their capacity to offer Visiting Electives in the Fall of 2021. Further information regarding the re-opening of the AFMC Portal will occur around December 2021.

Visiting Non-Clinical Electives:

Similar to visiting clinical electives, non-clinical electives (i.e. non-clinical, virtual or research electives) with faculty from other schools is also not permitted for the class of 2022 and/or the 2021-22 academic year (July 01, 2021 – June 30, 2022).

MCCQE Part I and MCCQE Part II Updates

MCCQE Part I Information to Candidates – May 29, 2020

As of June 1, 2020, candidates who scheduled an exam appointment through Prometric will take the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I either at a test centre or through remote proctoring. The exam session will run until September 20.

Please find attached some detailed information that will be sent to candidates today to assist them as they prepare for their exam.

Remote proctoring is a new delivery model for the Medical Council of Canada and we are expecting that some adjustments may be required. I will provide you with a further update as we make progress. MCC appreciates your support as we move to this novel delivery method supporting learners to complete their mandatory examinations in a timely manner.

Information about the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part I (MCCQEI) can be found on their website.

To be notified of when applications will open, you may add your email address to their distribution list here.

Students wishing to volunteer

Across the NOSM community, learners have stepped up to give their time and energy to volunteer during this time when we all need to connect, support and care for each other.

Learn more about volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students wishing to work