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Novel Coronavirus FAQ for NOSM Health Science Learners

I have been in China within the last two weeks. What should I do?

You must stay home and not participate in any activities of the program for at least 14 days after your arrival back in Canada.  Activities of the program include mandatory classroom and clinical activities, and non-mandatory activities such as in-services, workshops, and conferences.  You should let your clinical supervisor know if you will be absent from activities.  For NODIP Learners please contact Denise Raftis, Manager NODIP (, RS, PA, and MPREP Learners to contact Jennifer Turcotte-Russak, Manager Rehabilitation Sciences and Integrated Clinical Learning (

I have developed a respiratory tract infection e.g. sore throat, shortness of breath. What should I do?

If you are experiencing these types of symptoms and you recently returned from China or may have been exposed to the Novel Coronavirus, you should seek medical attention, stay home and not participate in any activities for the program until your illness ends, or if told you are not infected with the coronavirus by your healthcare provider.  You should inform Denise Raftis (NODIP) or Jennifer Turcotte-Russak (RS, PA, or MPREP) if you will be absent from activities.

I am told by my clinical teacher/preceptor or another healthcare worker that the patient I am to interact with has a presumed or confirmed coronavirus infection. What should I do?

For all students in any year of your respective program, you should not participate in the encounter.  Such encounters are above your level of expertise at this stage of your training.  Please let Denise Raftis (NODIP) or Jennifer Turcotte-Russak (RS, PA, or MPREP) know if this occurs.

I want to volunteer to provide care to patients outside of my medical school studies. Can I do this?

When you are not acting as a health science Learner you are not covered by the school’s liability insurance or WSIB coverage and hence are putting yourself at risk.  You will not be approved by NOSM for engaging in such activities.  If you do choose to volunteer, be sure to always follow the clinic/hospital’s rules and directions.

Neither I, nor the patient I am to interact with, have a presumed or confirmed case of coronavirus but I think the situation in the hospital or community is a risk to my safety. What should I do?

First, please discuss the matter with your preceptor.  If the safety risk cannot be resolved, you may withdraw from the clinical environment.  You should then contact the appropriate manager Denise Raftis (NODIP) or Jennifer Turcotte-Russak (RS, PA, or MPREP).

I have or will miss a lot of placement hours due to this situation. What should I do?

You should contact the appropriate Manager, Denise Raftis (NODIP) or Jennifer Turcotte-Russak (RS, PA, or MPREP).  We will always attempt to find ways for you to make-up missed sessions and activities in a way that will not delay your progression in your program.

I have been told by my clinical site that I must leave or that I cannot attend. What should I do?

Please let the appropriate Manager (Denise Raftis, NODIP or Jennifer Turcotte-Russak, RS, PA, or MPREP) know if this occurs.  If this occurs, please return to your housing until further directions.  Follow the instructions from the clinic/hospital and try to limit your contact with others.

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