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Information for Researchers

UPDATED: MARCH 27, 2020 | 11:20 AM EST


NOSM at Laurentian University research laboratories are CLOSED as of March 23, 4:00 pm.
NOSM at Lakehead University research laboratories are CLOSED as of March 27, 4:30 pm.

Please see Lakehead and Laurentian University links for updated host university research information related to COVID-19:

The NOSM Laboratory Coordinators are deemed essential services. They will be checking the labs biweekly for monitoring of fridges, freezers, water systems, and general safety of the space and equipment.

Funding Opportunity: PSI COVID-19 Research Stream

PSI Foundation invites all eligible clinician-researchers to apply for this special funding stream. Learn more about this funding opportunity.

How are research students and employees affected?

All researchers in any of NOSM’s laboratories must follow NOSM directives. That includes students and employees of Lakehead and Laurentian, as well as volunteers. Updated directives (i.e. isolation for international travel) are posted to and principal investigators should be communicating with their respective teams.

NOSM Research will be following our host university directives from Lakehead and Laurentian campuses. Additional FAQ related to NOSM labs and research will follow below in this document. Supervisors, please ensure that you are staying up to date with information from Lakehead and Laurentian as it gets relayed.

How does working from home affect my research staff?

For NOSM held grants, supervisors are encouraged to modify their employees’ work to enable working from home. If that is not possible, or for any other changes to an employee’s contract, please contact

For grants held at other institutions, please refer to those FAQs or contact the relevant HR department.

How will deliveries be handled?

  • Do not order any new research materials except those items needed to support minimal critical functions.
  • Cancel orders for non-essential research materials if they have not yet shipped.
  • Lakehead University: Lakehead Shipping and Receiving will email the Lab Coordinator (LC) when deliveries for the third floor Med School building arrive. The LC will arrange for pick-up and delivery of these items to MSW3001, including storage of perishables.
  • Laurentian University: Charlie Armstrong (Facilities) will notify the Lab Coordinator when packages arrive, the Lab Coordinator will then reach out to the individual it is addressed to. If a perishable item is delivered and the individual it is addressed to and no one from their group is available, the Lab Coordinator will go on-site and properly store the contents.

Who will have access to the labs and who to report to if you are going in?

Only those deemed to have essential research will be allowed access, to complete only that research they have been granted access for.

Ensure every time you are on campus that you have notified both your supervisor and campus security services.

What happens if my research involves human participants?

For hospital-based research please see:

If you have questions or need assistance please reach out to Ghislaine Attema at or 807-251-3118.

What should I do if my research involves animals?

Connect with the animal care contacts at Lakehead or Laurentian for specific plans or actions.

What should I do if my research is community-based?

Community-based research must be suspended unless it can be conducted virtually. Please see Lakehead and Laurentian for specific procedures for community-based research.

How is my funding impacted?

Faculty with grants held at NOSM should contact the Research Office if they expect delays in completing milestones, need an extension or for any other anticipated contract change.

The Tri-agencies will continue to provide updates.

For other funders, connect directly with those organizations.

How is grant-funded travel impacted?

All NOSM funded travel (including grants held at NOSM) is suspended until further notice.

For grants held at other institutions, please refer to those FAQs.

Have NOSM financial operations changed?

At this time there are no changes to financial processes. Please see the finance SharePoint for specifics on how to process payments. NOSM finance sent out the following memo dated March 24th to all faculty:

Ministry of Health (MOH) | Fiscal Year-End – March 31, 2020
Budget codes commencing with fund(s): Goods and services must be received by: Payment requests and invoices to be received in Finance by:
60, 61 March 31, 2020 May 11, 2020
Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) | Fiscal Year-End – April 30, 2020
Budget codes commencing with fund(s): Goods and services must be received by: Payment requests and invoices to be received in Finance by:
10, 11, 20 April 30, 2020 June 8, 2020
External Grants and Research
30, 31 Please refer to specific funding agreements for year-end guidelines and submission dates.

Who should I contact if I have questions about support for my research?

NOSM at Lakehead University NOSM at Laurentian University
NOSM Laboratories Pam Tallon
Natalie Lefort
NOSM Research Offices
Human Research Ethics Ghislaine Attema
Ghislaine Attema
Animal Care Please inquire with Animal Care Facility at Lakehead University. Please inquire with Animal Care Facility at Laurentian University.

Where can I find information about how NOSM is responding to COVID-19?