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Health Sciences Summer Camp Photo Gallery 2015 Laurentian

Health Sciences Summer Camp 2015 group photo of campers, team leads, and NOSM staff

Campers and Team Leads pose for picture in small group room. Campers sitting in a row pose for photo in lecture theatre Retired surgeon instructing camper on suturing technique Two campers balancing Oreo cookies on foreheads Camper practicing suturing technique

Close up of camper using a microscope Two campers completing microscope activity  Two campers using a microscope

Camper collects fluid evidence from floor beside staged casualty with a swab in staged crime scene Camper testing knee reflexes of fellow camper in examination room Camper taking blood pressure of fellow camper Silly picture of two team leads posing with a skeleton model Six campers posing with a large model of a human heart

Camper taking blood pressure of a fellow camper

Team lead and campers playing outside with a soccer ball Team lead and campers playing sponge game outsideCampers and team lead posing in front of a teepeeCampers and team lead posing for a picture outside by a tree Campers and team lead sitting in circle outside creating dream catchers

Campers participating in casting activity Camper applying casting material to team lead's arm while doctor supervises Camper applies casting material to fellow campers arm Camper applying casting material to fellow campers arm while team lead talks to camper in background

Camper using stethescope on SimMan 3G simulation mannequin while fellow campers look on Two campers practicing CPR on SimMan 3G simulation mannequin Campers and team lead pose in front of door with Crime Scene tape across it Seven campers and two team leads pose for picture outside with one camper laying on ground leaning up on one elbow Six campers and one team lead pose with arms around each other for picture outside Seven campers pose for picture while sitting outside on bedrock

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