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Health Sciences Summer Camp Photo Gallery 2015 Lakehead

Health Sciences Summer Camp 2015 group photo of campers, team leads, and NOSM staff

Two campers learning about heart anatomy using a model of a human heart Camper practices testing knee reflexes with knee hammer while team lead supervises and fellow camper looks on in examination room Camper pricking team lead's finger to conduct glucose blood test

Physiotherapist demonstrating how to tape an ankle on assistant while two campers observe Two campers practicing taping anklesCampers practicing multiple clinical skills; one taking blood pressure, one examining inner ear, and one testing knee reflexes

NOSM staff member instructs campers on monitoring vitals using SimMan 3G mannequin Camper practices CPR on SimMan 3G mannequin while NOSM staff member supervises and two fellow campers observeNOSM Staff member instructing campers on wounds using SimMan 3G body parts. Campers observing SimMan 3G mannequin vital signs monitor Six campers posing for thoughtful shot in classroom

Staged crime scene with chalk outline of body, towel with blood droplets, gloves, a bottle and a plate on the floor Door to Music Room covered with yellow crime scene do not cross tape Close up of a camper using a microscope in the lab with other campers and team leads in the background

Paramedic showing campers the inside of an ambulance and a stretcher Campers posing inside the ambulance Camper leaning through internal ambulance window

Campers and team lead laying on stomachs on gymnasium floor with chins on their hands and feet in the air for photo Two campers face camera and one gives thumbs up while sitting in NOSM classroom with fellow campers in background

Camper practicing casting on fellow camper's arm Orthopedic technologist demonstrating proper casting technique on a camper's arm Camper shows off completed cast on fellow camper's arm Campers pause for picture while practicing casting Camper applying casting material to fellow camper's arm Two campers display the completed casts on their fellow camper's arms

Camper displays hands covered in casting plaster while fellow camper displays completed cast on arm

Indigneous elder teaching small group of campers in small group room

Camper takes selfie with fellow campers walking in the backgound at Fort William Historical Park Campers walking through grassy field and wooded area Campers and team leads pose for a photo with a baby goat at Fort William Historical Park

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